Now Happily Married With A Child, Not To A Child
Now Happily Married With A Child, Not To A Child

"He liked a girl in high school. He chased her for the better part of a year. She'd lead him on, then make excuses about why they couldn't date. Rinse. Repeat. She wasn't super friendly to us, either.

Finally, their senior year, she gave in. They dated for a year and a half when she suggested they move in together. He was hesitant, but she won. They got an apartment near us. She was working evenings in a hardware store while he worked full time at a car lot and went to classes at night to become a volunteer firefighter. She left the house a mess and made him a list of chores to do in the evenings. He always did them.

After a couple of months, she started complaining about how they never went on dates anymore. Two minimum wage jobs and bills to pay---there was no money for dates. One night, however, he decided to surprise her with a picnic and a night at the drive-in movie theater. He waited and waited, but she never showed up. She finally came home at 4:30 in the morning with an excuse that he didn't quite buy.

Two weeks later, he gets a call from some lady claiming that her husband and my son's girlfriend were having an affair. So they borrowed a car they wouldn't recognize and followed his girlfriend after work one night. Sure enough, she was meeting up with this woman's husband. When it all came out, the affair had been going on for a lot longer than they'd even had the apartment, which meant that she was begging him to move in with her while she was seeing someone else.

We didn't like her from the get-go, but after that....ugh. Luckily, he met an amazing girl and is happily married 'with' a baby....not 'TO' a baby now."

Stuck On You

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Stuck On You

"My mom has been dealing with my little brother's ex for a while now. They dated for 5 months as freshmen in high school. She was nice enough but really weird, clingy, and touchy/feely with my brother at 13. As a result, I was designated chaperone.

In those 5 months, she claimed my brother stalked her, beat her mercilessly, violated her, impregnated her, and murdered the baby 5 times.

Her parents tried forcing my brother to knock this girl up, move in and take care of her whole 13. My brother was a late bloomer, and as a result, I had to explain what all of that meant and the implications of everything this insane tween was getting him involved in.

When he broke up with her, she went off the deep end. Constant lies about how abusive my brother was. She went to her youth pastor with big crocodile tears about being assaulted. Changed the story a ton of times including who the assailant was, then admitted she lied.

She ended up getting placed in a psychiatric ward for a year, came back, and continued stalking my brother. They are now seniors. She's done this same thing to 4 other guys in their class. She's currently facing a slew of stalking and harassment charges from her most recent victim."

16 And Pregnant


16 And Pregnant

"My brother met a very trashy girl in his teens and got her pregnant. A few months after my gorgeous, fantastic niece was born, her mother took her and moved in with another guy because she was pregnant with his kids (twins, that she ended up miscarrying). She texted my brother and said he would never see his daughter again, and kept this torment up for months. One night my brother found himself in a seedy motel room with some friends. They left to go to the gas station, and while they were gone, he called his daughter's mom. Whatever she said must have been the final straw; he shot himself. We pulled him off of life support the next morning, after spending 8 hours at the hospital watching them pump blood into him to try to keep him alive until they could be prepared to harvest his organs (he was an organ donor). At his funeral, his daughter was only a year old. She does not know what happened.

His ex is now 25 and has a second child. She's also on her 7th engagement, in what will potentially be her 4th marriage...all since my brother passed away 7 years ago. The second child's father is currently not allowed to see his baby, and she has claimed that she cheated on him and that the baby is actually her current fiancé's child (it CLEARLY is not, it looks JUST LIKE the man who was in her original story the father).

So I mean, she takes the cake for bad girlfriends. I miss my brother, and my niece will never know how funny or cool her dad was. Aaand now I'm crying."

Every "Girl" Loves A Country Boy

"I'm a father who raised three sons on my own.

We had a working horse farm, and my two youngest sons, 17 and 14, had their own 'bunkhouse' (two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and TV room). And no, they weren't unsupervised, I'd visit a couple of times daily (from my house, which was 40' away).

So...this gal shows up on a Friday afternoon. I don't get a good look at her; it's getting dark, but we politely shake hands.

My son says she's staying for dinner---they're cooking 'in.' I respect that. I've raised this son; he's a good kid, trustworthy and honest, and so I leave them alone.

Next morning, her car is still there, AND I catch a really good look at her as she's hurrying out of the bungalow (I am certain she's trying to get away before I get close).

She has to be least.

So...I have a talk with my son and learn he met her playing a video game online. I asked how old she was. He said, 'Like, 20?'

I said, 'Son...she's a lot older than that. And no, she's not to stay over again. Case closed.'

In any case, of course, she must have been giving the kid what he wanted, because they kept seeing each other. As for overnights? She was no longer obvious about it. Instead, she'd wait until dark, then park her car on another road, and walk over to my kid's quarters. (I learned this after the fact.)

I finally walked in one night on another matter. I didn't see HER...but my two sons weren't as welcoming as they usually were. Instead, they had 'big eyes' and seemed anxious. Then...I saw a purse hanging on the back of a chair.

I asked my older son, 'Okay, whose purse is this?' He didn't say anything in reply, just gave me a guilty look...And so did my YOUNGEST son...

So I said, 'Well, let's see whose purse this is,' and I unzipped it, pulled out the wallet, and lo and behold, Ms. So-and-so was 32 years old.

I asked her to come over where I could see her...she had been cowering in a corner.

I asked if I could have a word with her in private.

Then I explained to her that she was essentially violating my son and that she needed to leave.

Yeah, my son was mad at me for a long time. And when he turned 18? Ugh...that gal came by a few times more---but each time I kicked her out at dark (and warned her not to even think about sneaking back).

Finally, I spoke to a lawyer and he told me about the statute of limitations in such matters. The next time I saw her, I told her: visit here one more time---you will be arrested.

I didn't see her again, but I do know my son met with her several more times.

But I made it hard enough and dangerous enough for her that it finally ended."

Don't Put A Ring On Crazy
Don't Put A Ring On Crazy

"She was 4 years younger than him and chased him for a while. Eventually, he gave in and they started dating. He wasn't really into her. She had opposing views on literally everything. She was very religious, very conservative. She was so picky with food, and my mom bent over backward to accommodate her when she was over for dinner. She was very demanding and very spoiled. We literally had nothing to talk about at the dinner table when she was there. A couple months in, my brother had several conversations with me and my mom about wanting to break up with her since they didn't have anything in common. We didn't push him in either direction. But he stuck it out.

A few years later she demanded that he propose. He didn't have enough money for an engagement ring, so she gave him a 6-month ultimatum. He eventually was able to buy her the ring that she picked out. The worst thing about their wedding was how she treated her father. She didn't want him to walk her down the aisle or speak at the reception. He paid for her college, law school, living expenses, and a lavish wedding. My best friend grew up next to her and told me she had no idea why she hated her father so much. Just little things like 'he asked me to take out the trash.'

A year into their marriage, they are both working, my brother has a very good job, but she decides that she can't be with someone who only has a Bachelor's degree. So she pushes him to go to graduate school while working full time. He's never been good at time and stress management. I tell him I don't think he's ready for that yet. But she makes him. Half a semester in, he develops a serious drinking problem and drops out and stops even showing up to work (claiming sick leave). She didn't tell us about this for 6 months. Then one day, she drops him off at my parents' house and says, 'You deal with this.'

They get him into rehab, but he leaves after a week and is back at it. They get him into counseling and to see a psychiatrist but he has all these crazy conspiracy views now on big pharma and won't take anything for his anxiety. One day, he's acting completely insane, we call the psychiatrist, and he says sounds like psychosis; he tells us to get him to a hospital. We get one of his friends to muscle him into the car. I call my sister in law to let her know which hospital he's going to. She's furious that she's the last to know. She gets there and is screaming at my parents because she was the last to know. After all these years, my mom finally breaks and raises her voice and says, 'Where the heck were you the last 4 months?' My brother gets committed and has been clean ever since.

She refuses to be around my mom now, and they have moved out-of-state for her job. I don't know how they are doing now. My brother, even though clean, bought an AR-15 and is spouting all this Trumpian/conspiracy/racist/anti-immigrant nonsense. And my mom is an immigrant! Anyway, my sister-in-law has separated him from his friends and family. I used to be so close to my brother, and we don't even talk now."

The Truth Always Comes Out

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The Truth Always Comes Out

"His senior year of high-school, my little brother brought home a new girl after breaking it off again with his on again-off again girlfriend. None of us liked her much---she was a bit too into him, and she was very controlling; she didn't like to not know where he was and felt that ALL of his free time was supposed to be for her. She didn't like hanging out with us, didn't want him to hang out with us, despised all children---she was pretty much a terrible person, but somehow she had latched onto my brother.

Eventually, after they graduated, they got married. We attempted to dissuade him from doing so, but she managed to convince him that we all just weren't able to see him as an adult and were still trying to tell him what to do. Their marriage lasted about a year, with her constantly beating him and screaming at him and cheating on him while manipulating him into thinking that it was all his fault. One day, he just couldn't take it anymore; he met up with a lawyer, had divorce papers sent over, and showed up on my doorstep crying his eyes out and apologizing.

She fought for a while and managed to get a good chunk of their assets, including their house and car, as well as alimony. Then we found out that she was apparently pregnant at the time, and now had a three-month-old child a year after the divorce was finalized. He demanded a DNA test, but she refused it, claiming the kid was not his. Finally, her father was the one who told her to get a test, or he'd cut off her inheritance. Turned out the kid WAS my brothers. So, they went back to court since they weren't married, he didn't know about the pregnancy, AND his name was not on the birth certificate. Her family had a lot more money than he did, so it was an uphill battle from the start, but he was finally granted full custody when his daughter, at the age of three, was admitted to the ER with bruises all over her body and a broken arm.

Thankfully, his daughter is currently a happy and healthy nine-year-old and being raised by my brother. His ex-wife managed to duck jail time, but they both have a restraining order against her, and he is in no danger of losing custody to that abusive whack job again."

Everything Is Relative
Everything Is Relative

"I was actually considered to be 'that' girlfriend by my ex-boyfriend's mom---until he started dating someone else who was truly terrible.

We both came from quite religious families but not the same religion.

My family tolerated him (actually, that's a lie, they just didn't outright ban me from seeing him as they figured that would be counter-productive).

His family broke us up when we'd been together a year. They threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn't stop seeing me. They called me all sorts of slurs and a terrible influence on their good, devout boy. The relationship was probably fizzling out anyway.

They were mad that I refused to get engaged or to join him at his university after my exams. I planned to go to another school hundreds of miles away---they figured that meant I just wanted to use him for my own pleasure until I left.

Fast forward a few months, and he has a new girlfriend who's of the 'right' religion, and he wants to move in with her to get out of the family home.

He has no money. He's a student with a part-time restaurant job.

His new girlfriend has a great idea: get a gym-bag of assorted mind-altering substances from a local hoodlum, sell them all at a slight markup in the span of two weeks, and in doing so, earn the first month's rent and safety deposit on an apartment.

Easy, no?

Did I mention both the ex and I came from religious families? Well, he stands out like a big, naive, sore thumb trying to sell pills and weed and of course gets caught immediately.

So to get the cops to go easy on him, he rats out the hoodlums, figures he's already in trouble because the gym-bag of substances was on credit to be repaid on sale.

Got non-custodial sentence, but because he ratted out a gang, basically, he had to flee the city, the state, and (years later) he emigrated altogether.

He's been told by the guys he betrayed that he can't come back unless he's got a death wish.

Met his Mum after the dust had settled, and I was quite a different person in her eyes. 'I wish he'd stayed with you. You might be a (string of insults), but he never broke the law for you...'

In her mind, I only look good next to the girl who ruined his life."

Some People Are Just Ungrateful

Some People Are Just Ungrateful

"My brother's girlfriend lived with us for 6 months in our basement, and it was horrible.

Not only did she expect to be treated like a guest (not cleaning up after herself or helping around the house), but she is basically the main reason my mother and brother have a horrible relationship. My brother is 27, and he moved back home after college. Soon after he met said girlfriend and asked if she could move in with us. My mom, of course, said yes because of the wonderful woman she is. She NEVER made them pay any rent or anything.

His girlfriend would always butt into conversations my mother and brother were having, stating her opinion on the matter, as if it were any of her business. My brother has his own issues, but the worst day was when he accused my mom of stealing money from him, and my mom got so frustrated and angry that she 'kicked him out' --- really she told him to leave because she was so angry and hurt that she would accuse her of such a thing. My brother and his girlfriend were planning on moving out later that month anyway, but as he was packing a few things in his car, my mom came out to apologize for what had happened. Immediately, his girlfriend was all up in my mom's face telling her to back off and get away from my brother because 'she had already caused so much damage.' My dad heard all of this and he came out and yelled at my brother's girlfriend for yelling at my mom. My brother and his girlfriend got in their car and drove away, and as my brother and his girlfriend drove away, she called the POLICE on my parents.

Fast forward: My brother MARRIED this woman and didn't invite any of our family to the wedding, not even my mom. This past Mothers' Day, he was 'too busy' to stop by, so my mom ended up crying while we were out to dinner. Brothers, man."

A Sketchy Situation
A Sketchy Situation

"My brother likes me to meet girls he's seeing to get my opinion. He brought home this one girl and she seemed nice enough. She made an effort to talk to me. A couple weeks in, she suddenly needed a place to stay. My brother, being the generous person he is, offered to let her live with him until she got on her feet.

After about 2 months of her living there, he calls me in a panic from my dad's phone. He came home and she attacked him. She accused him of sleeping around because he had been spending too much time away from home (he works a mechanic job, sometimes he works late if it gets busy). She grabbed his phone and smashed it. Then she started punching herself in the face repeatedly, saying she was going to go to the cops and tell them he beats her. She comes at him again, so he bear hugs her to restrain her. At this point, my dad came in, and she ran to him screaming and crying, saying 'look what your son did to me.' He immediately knew it was a crock of crap. He said she had an hour to pack her things and leave. She got in my dad's face, called him a bunch of names. He just told her to shut up and pack.

My dad dropped her off at her uncle's house which was about 35 miles away, and apparently, she screamed at him the whole way. Over the course of the next couple months, my brother has gotten phone calls from her and some super creepy letters at his door. It's been about 6 months now, and she's still sending them. He usually just throws them straight in the trash.

Turns out, she had a warrant out for her arrest for possession/distribution of prescription pills. She's been on the run for over a year. My dad called the cops and let them know her location, but as far as I know, she's still somehow not in jail. I guess she was using my brother for somewhere to stay and hide. It was super bad."

It's Always The Quiet Ones
It's Always The Quiet Ones

"My stepson brought home a girl that seemed nice enough. Just super shy. Whenever she would come over, she would hide in the bedroom, and she barely spoke to us. When she did speak to us, she was very respectful and kind.

After about 6-7 months of them dating and her hiding from us and barely speaking, she went psycho on my stepson. She was upset that my stepson had forgotten their 6 month anniversary. She completely lost it. She broke his dresser and his Xbox. She threw something and put a hole in the wall. She destroyed some of his clothes and pictures. She left marks all over him where she clawed him when he tried to stop her from destroying the house.

I came home to a disaster of a house and the cops on my porch because she called the cops and falsely reported that my stepson had hit her. He was arrested and spent time in juvenile hall and on probation.

She, of course, tried to sweet talk her way back into his life after the whole thing. He turned 18 shortly after he was released from juvenile hall, and he took her back. Moved out of our home and moved in with her. He soon found out once again just how psycho she was when she attacked him again because he forgot to pick up Taco Bell on his way home from work.

He learned his lesson the second time though and has moved on. The new girlfriend seems a lot less psycho, but I'm still waiting to see."

Spoiled Rotten

Roman Stetsyk/Shutterstock

Spoiled Rotten

"She was from a very well-off family, which had made her incredibly selfish and demanding.

She never had a nice thing to say about my son or anyone else. She criticized him constantly and insulted our house and lifestyle to our faces.

She lied to her parents, asked us to cover for her, and then yelled at our son when we refused.

They were only teenagers, but she expected him to take her to high-end restaurants and buy her super expensive gifts constantly.

She told him his intended college major didn't pay enough and that he needed to drop out and work for her dad.

She'd ask him to drive home from college to give her a ride somewhere, and then make him wait in the car until she was ready to leave. This happened more than once.

On top of all that, she cheated on him numerous times.

She was a garbage person. We were so happy when he finally got out."

The Squeaking Wheel Doesn't Always Get The Grease. Sometimes, It Gets Replaced


The Squeaking Wheel Doesn't Always Get The Grease. Sometimes, It Gets Replaced

"The worst was the one who wouldn't get out of my brother's car when he came to hang out with the family, and who would sit there and text him to hurry up when he's seeing us for the first time in weeks. We're close-knit and we love to welcome people to our family; she was just too wrapped up in controlling him to give us a chance.

Until of course she got pregnant and then spent the entire pregnancy complaining that no one in my family did enough for her or seemed interested in how she was doing. When anyone DID show interest, she complained that everyone was too involved or too nosey. And all this complaining, she did to me. For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to completely trash-talk everyone in my family to me. After the baby frenzy died down, she started complaining about literally every move my brother made and every word he said. It just never stopped. Meanwhile, she's sitting around doing nothing, not working, letting her mom take care of the kid, while she acts as the admin of a Facebook page for other new moms who need to 'let off steam.'

They're not together anymore; she won't let my brother have any one on one time with his daughter (she's almost two, and he's an amazing dad), and she breezes in and out of my parents house like she's doing all of us a favor by letting us be in my niece's presence.

She's the worst."

A Wet Blanket
A Wet Blanket

"My son's first girlfriend was a really sweet girl and very bright, but she would always say, 'You get it? It's because (insert explanation of a simple joke)' every single time she told or heard a joke. It was really annoying to watch any kind of TV show with her or even joke around in our family because she would have to butt in every time and explain it. I asked my son if she thought we were a bunch of morons or something, but he said that she did it at school as well. They only dated for 2 months, but it was the longest 2 months of my life."

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