Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals see their fair share of crazy patients every day, but there have to be some that stick out over the rest, right? Well, look no further.

A Reddit thread recently asked those in the medical industry to share the craziest patients they have ever dealt with at the hospital, doctor's office, or ambulance ride. And after reading all of these stories, it's easy to see why these patients are so memorable. These doctors talked about patients who deserved being in a mental institution, those who belong there, and some who are too crazy to even be treated. Take a look at some of the most insane stories we could find. All posts have been edited for clarity.

There Was Nothing They Could Do
There Was Nothing They Could Do

"I work in a pediatric hospital as a nursing assistant. I also work in the pediatric E.R. on a pretty regular basis, where I clean beds, transport patients, and care for patients.

When you go into an emergency ward, you typically get triaged first and then you're brought back later. Sometimes, people are able to walk past and just gain access without seeing a nurse or anyone else. Usually, they're just walked back out into the waiting room.

One day, I was standing by a desk watching some going ons near the hallway where patients are brought back, when this couple approached me carrying a carseat with the blanket pulled all the way over, covering up this baby. These people looked crazy, but that's a pretty normal occurrence where I work. They asked me if this was the emergency room, I told them yes and asked if they had seen a nurse yet. They said no, so I took them back out to the triage nurse and went back to chilling.

Twenty seconds later, that same nurse came running back with the carseat in hand, with an obviously dead BLUE AND GRAY baby. I'm talking Smurf blue and ivory. So everyone ran into the trauma bay, but this kid was stiff as a board. Like, so stiff they couldn't even open the mouth to attempt to intubate. As it turns out, the nurse in triage asked what they were coming in for today, the dad said, 'He stopped breathing.' That was when she pulled the blanket down and saw him and ran him back.

I don't think I've ever felt more horrified in my life after seeing all of that unfold. The nurse in charge that day started giving me crap, asking why I didn't get anyone sooner, but these people didn't look visibly upset and gave no indication that anything was wrong, so how was I supposed to know? Luckily, everyone else stood up for me, and I was advised in the future to always just take a look at every kid I see that's brought in through improper channels.

It is standard protocol for the police to show up and question the parents in any situation involving infant death. So they were taken into the consultation room and never seen again. The parents claimed to have found the kid an hour and a half before stumbling in. Rigor takes about four to six hours to set in. So yeah, nothing could be done."

His Dad Couldn't Believe What He Saw
His Dad Couldn't Believe What He Saw

"My dad was going to school for nursing and he had to stand some shifts in a hospital. He told me one story where they brought in a mentally disturbed woman who was behaving violently. She kept on flailing about and then started attacking herself.

At one point, he said she literally clawed out her eyeball. It was dangling out of the socket by the optic nerve and everyone was trying to restrain her so they could help but one of her arms broke free so she reached up, grabbed her eyeball, and squished it."

It Took The Entire Hospital To Keep This Guy Down
It Took The Entire Hospital To Keep This Guy Down

"I work the night shift in transportation at a hospital. I just move people around for the most part, but one morning at around 6 a.m., I got a call to take a patient from the ICU to CT Scan. I get these daily, and they are usually uneventful. Most ICU patients are totally out of it and don't really move or talk, so it's generally pretty simple.

I got up to the room and the guy was good. He was trying to move a bit, but for the most part, he was sitting still in his bed. The nurse gave him something just to make sure he stayed still down in scan.

When we finally got into the scan, we laid his bed flat. He started freaking out and trying to move. So the nurse gave him more which, again, calmed him enough to get him on to the CT table. After we got him there he was still trying to move his arms around so we tied him up in his sheet and then put the straps on the table around him. Those things are strong, most patients can't move at all with that all around them. Yet, somehow, this guy was moving with no problem, trying to sit up.

The CT table was only about two-feet wide, so it was EXTREMELY easy to fall off if you moved around. We were holding him down, while the nurse was getting a syringe, which should have been able to knock him out. She finally got it into him and after another five minute of holding him down, he was fighting back even more. The nurse had ran out of anything to give him, so she had to go to a machine to get more out. Eventually, the CT tech said forget it and called security.

Within 30 seconds, there were 10 people in the room. We kept giving him more, because he really, really needed the CT to see if the bleeding in his brain was getting any better. After another 30 minutes more of giving him more medication, we finally decided it wasn't going to happen. We got him back on his bed and took him back up to ICU and restrained him. Later that day, they tried putting him to sleep but he stopped breathing so they couldn't get the scan done.

The next morning, I had to take him back and the same thing happened, except this time I had to call someone else because my shift was over, and they don't allow us to hit overtime. I think he was in there for another 30 minutes after I left.

It turned out it wasn't his brain, but withdrawals."

Even This Seasoned Paramedic Was Shocked By What He Saw
Even This Seasoned Paramedic Was Shocked By What He Saw

"I am a paramedic. I got dispatched to a 40-year-old male in an 'altered level of consciousness.' No big deal, could be anything and it's likely nothing.

I found a firefighter at the front door looking ill, which is never a good sign. As I made it halfway up the stairs, the unmistakable stench of feces hit me like a roundhouse. This was thick. The firefighter at the top of the stairs was pale and simply shook his head in my direction. I reached the hallway at the top of the stairs and turned to the one open door. There was poop everywhere.

With no exaggeration, it looked like eight people had been eating Wendy's chili and painting the room with feces for days. My numb disbelief was shattered by a clearly distressed gay man's voice: 'Why aren't you guys doing anything?'

I was in the doorway and could see the bed. There was a naked man on a mattress covered in feces flailing back and forth in his mud-bath and mumbling incoherently. What happened next is hazy.

I vaguely remember exclaiming, 'Oh my god,' and searching for someone to take the initiative. My whole job is to get people to a hospital, preferably still alive. This poor poop-covered specimen needed to be lifted, carried, hauled, and rolled downstairs onto a gurney and into the ambulance. Stepping forward and frustrated, I pled with the patient to please sit up and show me that he was able to follow directions. Shockingly, he shot upright instantly. In the same instant, poo shot out of his left lower abdomen toward my boots from what I realized was a colostomy bag hole. I watched it ooze out, turned toward the bathroom and began to dry heave. The third firefighter had already assumed the position and was blowing chunks in a toilet, which I might add was covered in feces.

We got him out of the residence and to the hospital where they 'saved him' with antibiotics."

Who Knew She Could Run Like That?
Who Knew She Could Run Like That?

"When I was working at a hospital as a nursing assistant, I had a patient on a medical hold while she was detoxing. She was 23 years old and weighed 89 pounds. For three days, I was her 'personal safety attendant,' which meant that she was my only patient and I sat in her room for my entire shift and made sure she stayed there and was safe.

On the final night of her hold, she was extremely anxious. She kept telling me she was supposed to be moving to Michigan that day and her boyfriend didn't know she was in the hospital and would leave without her. She didn't want to be at the hospital anymore and was trying to manipulate her way out of the medical hold. She kept changing to her street clothes from her hospital gown multiple times throughout my shift because she thought she would be leaving.

One of the times she got up to her closet to change, yet again, I was charting and let her out of my sight for 15 seconds. That was all it took. I finished charting and looked around the corner and saw her running out of her room and down the hallway. This began the chase. Our hospital unit was the only unit that was directly connected to the parking ramp, through a staff door that was unlocked during normal business hours. She sprinted through our unit and out this back door to the parking ramp. She ran down four flights of stairs and got out on the third floor, then ran down the middle of the 'road' of the parking ramp. She stopped running and put her thumb out to hitch rides from the hospital visitors that were driving past her.

At this point, one of my fellow nursing assistants who saw us and followed us as well, caught up to me and we were discussing how to get her back to the hospital. Our Vocera pagers were out of range, but fortunately, I had my cell phone on me and passed it off to her to call security. I walked up to the patient and tried to convince her to stay at the hospital - she wouldn't have any of it. We walked the rest of the way down the parking ramp together, where three security guards were waiting for us at the exit. They approached us and tried to convince her to go back to her room. They were actually successful, and we were about to enter the hospital, when one of the security guards touched her to guide her through the door.

That set her off and she sprinted off again, out the exit of the parking ramp, across a busy street, and through the neighborhoods across the street. All five of use were chasing her. One of the guards finally got hands on her and took her to the ground. We all walked her back up to her hospital room. The police were called, the doctor who put her on medical hold was called, and she ended up being transferred to the local mental institution for a week-long detox."

I Don't Think She's Sleeping
I Don't Think She's Sleeping

"I worked in a hospital kitchen for 10 years. I worked pretty much all jobs within the kitchen, but the only one that got me out of it was the tray passer. I don't remember the floor, probably not relevant, but it was a typical day passing trays. I knocked on the closed door and introduced myself. Waited for a reply... Nothing. This is typical though because some patients were sleeping or hard of hearing. As the room had no infection precautions or other signage on the door I entered and again introduced myself to the elderly woman in the bed. No response, obviously sleeping. I put the tray down on her table and noticed that she was a little too asleep, shall we say. Dead as a door nail is more like it.

This was not my first time seeing a dead body, but it was at work. Not a big deal really, but still, come on. I grabbed the tray, left the room and closed the door. As I was exiting, a nurse asked if I had just gone in there. I was a little put off that there was no sign on the door, and I responded in kind, showing my frustration with the lack of follow through. She was the nursing supervisor and knew what was in that room. Needless to say, I heard the nurse getting an earful for not following protocol."

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