While it may have been love at first sight, it certainly didn't stay that way with these couples. It took these people only an instant to realize that their relationship wasn't going to last. Their reasons why range from heartbreaking to the downright absurd. This content was edited for clarity.

"When I Mentioned I Had Worked On Twilight, She Instantly Fell In Love"

"I'm a professional stage/movie tech, and I actually (briefly) worked on the first Twilight movie, as a scene was shot on my college campus. I knew all about the books and the movie, and I still thought they were terrible.

She was a Twi-hard, a Twilight fanatic. She had all the books, signed by the author, and she really believed it was a good love story. I told her they 'weren't my cup of tea' and left it at that, not wanting to start an argument over literary differences. Then I came over and she demanded that I watch the movie with her 'so I could see how good it was.'

The scene I worked on came up, and I mentioned it. She got this crazy, obsessive 'oh-my-god-I-have-a-connection-with-Twilight' look on her face. THAT was when she referred to me as Daddy to her cat, something that she had not done before. I found out through a mutual friend that when I mentioned I had worked on Twilight, she instantly fell in love with me. Not because of who I was as a person, but because I worked on Twilight. For two weeks. Filming one scene. I'm not even in the credits.

I had been dating her about three months. She invited me over for movies, and insisted on watching Twilight. Twice. With the special features. If that wasn't enough, her cat jumped up on my lap, and she got this cutesy-pie tone going, saying, 'Aww, does da widdle kitty wanna sit on Daddy's lap?'

She was insanely clingy and constantly wanted to know where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. She would call (not text, call) at 2 am just to see if I was at home or out at a bar, and she lived in constant fear of an 'abusive ex' who in fact never once hit her or verbally abused her, but simply broke up with her.

She's the only girl who I've broken up with, and it was for good reasons. She told all of our friends a bunch of lies about how obsessed I had been with her, but I was cheating, and that I'd stolen from her. She told our friends that I had beaten her, but I'm studying criminal justice with a specialty in domestic violence, so I'm trying to actively STOP that kind of behavior. Fortunately, my friends believed me and not her, so I still have those friends while she does not.

I broke things off a week later.

Now I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who laughs at my jokes and loves me dearly for who I am as a person. A ring is in her near future."

Literally The Most Painful Breakup
Literally The Most Painful Breakup

"Way before I was born, my dad was in a horrible motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized EXACTLY like you see in the cartoons and movies. Full body cast, one leg up in the air, the whole nine yards.

His wife at the time (in no way related to me) comes in some time after he wakes up; she sits down and calmly tells him how she doesn't love him anymore, how she hates his entire family, how she's been cheating on him for quite some time, and several other rather horrible things while he's lain up and unable to even talk back thanks to a messed up jaw. She tells him she's getting a divorce, then gets up and leaves.

He finally gets out of the hospital several weeks later and comes home to a house empty of everything but his half-starved, dying-of-thirst greyhound.

Yes, Allie the greyhound lived for several years after this."

"Three Months Later I Got A Call From His Parole Officer"

"In 2006, I met this Tyler, who I later started dating. We had some good times, but he was also a little bit of a prick. I figured, why not, we have fun so I'll stay with him for a little while. I never had intentions of keeping the relationship going forever, just until I graduated.

In the summer of 2007, I decided to go on a road trip across Canada with my siblings, and I guess he decided to start physically assaulting people then. I came back and everyone was terrified to be outside alone at night. I missed the media sensation so I guess I wasn't afraid, until my boyfriend convinced me that I should be, so he always walked me to and from my bus stop/to and from work at night (ironic, right?)

After prom he asked me to marry him, I said no and walked away from the relationship. Three months later I got a call from his parole officer to question me. A call from his dad to beg me to talk to him (he got really emotional after this all came out and he went to prison). Then I got calls and letters from him until I stopped answering the calls.

In this time, I also received many different messages from people who knew him and wanted to fight to prove his innocence. This was after the parole officer went over everything Tyler had admitted to with me. Then I got threats (luckily I didn't live at home anymore), but I guess people needed someone to blame who would read it right away. That died down after the first month, thank goodness.

Even though I always intended to move on from him, I was still sent through a tailspin. I mean, how was I supposed to trust ever again? What I eventually learned was that you can't let one person ruin things for you. If you let that happen, you will miss out on life."

The Best And Worst Birthday He Could Have Received

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The Best And Worst Birthday He Could Have Received

"A couple months passed and I couldn't really get over it, so I broke up with her. While we were living together.

That led to some interesting nights. One of those nights we got into an argument, she had been drinking and I had not, and it ended up that she decided to knock over my aquarium, filled with water and live fish. I called the cops on her but couldn't find it in my heart to have them arrest her. I thought maybe her doing something that forced them to come over would calm her down and make her go to sleep. It didn't. She ended up coming back into my room and passing out while I was left to clean up the mess she had caused. I did use her clothes to soak up the spilled water though.

That brings us to last night. Yesterday was my birthday. She texted me shortly after midnight to tell me happy birthday. I decided to be nice and texted her back a few times. I told her that I wanted to be polite and civil, but she started going off on me, so I just hung up and took the battery out of my phone. About 15 minutes later, I hear someone beating on the door and I know that it's her. I go to answer the door, and she starts hitting the glass at the top of the door and broke it. As soon as she broke it, she got a surprised look and ran back to her car. I grabbed my phone and went outside.

She got in her car and tried to leave the driveway. I was easily able to block it, and she tried several approaches, all of which I blocked. The whole time I was reassembling my phone and trying to get it turned on so I could call the police. About the time my phone got to the point where I could make a call, she slipped out the back of the lot, through the grass and across a ditch. I got a hold of 911 and told them what happened and they sent two officers to my house and were on the lookout for her. This was the last straw for me, so when they asked me if I wanted to press charges I told them I did. They took some pictures, asked some questions and left.

About 10 minutes after, I received a text from her saying she was going to jail and that she hoped I was happy. I didn't reply. I received something several hours later about her posting bail and trying to talk to me. Honestly, getting a good reason to get rid of her finally was a great birthday present for me. I haven't heard anything from her today and I couldn't be happier about that."

"With Some Guy From Work In Her CAR"

"I dated a girl in high school and college for three years. Our relationship was trusting, fun, and loving. I knew more about her than she knew about herself and likewise. One weekend, her ex calls her asking her for tutoring help. To show her that I trusted her, I told her go ahead and do it.

Once the weekend was over, she began acting weird and withdrawn. Not like her normal self. A few days later she tells me she cheated on me not once, but twice! Once with her ex and once with some guy from work in her CAR. As i sat home those nights hoping she'd come home early. Right then and there I knew we could never be together."

Happy Anniversary?

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Happy Anniversary?

"I was with my ex for three years, and two of those years were an on again/off again relationship. In those three years we were together, he worked very hard to get me to trust him and open up to him. I fell madly in love. He became my best friend and I grew to love him more than I had loved anybody before him.

Only problem was, during the last year (when we became official) he would occasionally (about every four or five months) become distant and withdrawn and he'd disappear for a couple of weeks. I began to suspect him of cheating, so I tried to cut it off. Each time I did, he'd tell me how much he loved me and couldn't live without me, that he would never cheat on me and I was the only woman in the world for him. Blah blah blah. I believed him, like a fool. Long story short, I did some intensive internet stalking and I discovered his bachelor party invitation....dated one year and one day (TO THE DAY) before we met.

Yup, he met me one year and one day AFTER his one-year wedding anniversary.

I knew I had to leave him. He begged me to forgive him and told me he fell in love with me and didn't want to lose me. But I knew there was no going back. This was two years ago and I still have a broken heart."

"I Couldn't Be More In Love. Until Last Week"

"My significant other (we will call him 'John') and I began dating a few months after my then-fiancé and I had just broken up. My then-fiancé had left me because he wanted to see what else was out there, since he and I had dated for several years and were high school sweethearts. Pretty heart-breaking, but understandable. I was of course an emotional wreck, felt like I was disgusting and not capable of keeping the man in my life happy and fulfilled. I had the lowest self-esteem I had ever experienced in my life and felt like a shattered woman. John helped me through the difficult time, and through it, our relationship began to develop.

John and I have been dating for a few years now, and I couldn't be more in love. This relationship couldn't hold a candle to my previous engagement, we connected on a much deeper emotional and spiritual level, understood each other better than our families ever did, and we had done everything for each other. Everything is pretty perfect. I've made several sacrifices for him while he re-built his life from past addictions (which he initially hid from me and I forgave), helped him rebuild his finances (since he was over $15,000 in debt at the time), and supported him while he worked odd jobs (I had an established career while he struggled to find a secure job). I definitely felt this was alright because you have to give in a relationship. Like I mentioned, we did anything for each other.

Fast-forward to the present: we've moved three states away in order for him to pursue a career that he finally had an opportunity for (which was fine because I also benefited from it). We've lived here for four months now, away from all family and friends, so involved in our relationship and reveling in how amazing it is to be with each other.

Until last week, that is.

Come to discover, he has been soliciting women on Craigslist, getting women's phone numbers from his odd jobs he's been working and also been trying to sleep with women he's met (I know this because I've read the e-mails and text messages). On top of it, he had been lying about who he had been contacting (saying he was talking to his guy-friend when he was propositioning his ex, etc) since we had begun dating.

His response when confronted? 'Well, it's not like I ACTUALLY slept with any of them!'

Yeah, that's pretty much when I knew I wanted to leave him.

Pixar Was Their Last Straw
Pixar Was Their Last Straw

"I was living with a girl that I clearly wasn't right for. We would fight ALL the time about everything. I was pretty young, you see, still believing that love conquered all, so it lasted much longer than it should have. The funny thing is, it wasn't her going out and doing coke with her friends and lying about it that did it. It wasn't her flirty emails to my coworkers either, or her bad mouthing me to her parents so much that her father felt he had to call and threaten me.

It was on a fairly quiet Sunday afternoon. We were discussing what movie we should watch and it turned out she hadn't seen Toy Story before. I was SO excited. You know how awesome it is when someone hasn't seen an amazing movie that you have, and watching it with them is like getting to watch it for the first time yourself? I was imagining watching her face at different points, waiting for the inevitable smiles, giggles and tears rolling down cheeks. I said, 'oh my god, we are watching Toy Story.'

And she just looked at me, snorted, and said, 'errr, I don't think so.'

I say, 'what? Why wouldn't you like Toy Story?'

She says, 'because I have a degree, for a start.' The sheer ignorance in that one statement, matched only by its arrogance, was what made me realize that I had to go.

What A Climactic Concert!
What A Climactic Concert!

"It's not really when I realized I wanted to leave, but more so when I knew I HAD to leave if I ever wanted to be happy again.

I was 17, had just had a baby with this guy six months prior. We had been together for four years. We all lived together, had an apartment that I work so hard to take care of all day, every day, while he smoked weed and played video games in our bedroom. We would get a weekend off when his mom offered to take the baby sometimes. We happened to get one weekend off that coincided with one of our favorite bands coming to play a show in our city. Sweet! I bought the tickets, and we made plans to go with friends.

He wanted to sneak an 'adult drink' in so he didn't have to pay for it there. Of course, because I had a bag, I was the one who actually had to bring it in. They searched everyone's bags to avoid this and confiscated the drink. Not a big deal, maybe about a $6 loss altogether. He LOSES IT, and starts screaming at me that I always ruin everything and how he can never have fun when I'm around because I'm such a big mess yadda yadda yadda. People can actually hear him over the music that is playing at start staring. I start to cry.

Then I realize where I am. This band had been my favorite band since I was 12. I had waited for YEARS for this experience and was not going to let this abusive loser ruin it for me. So I calmly said, 'You know what, forget you. I'm done.'

Walked away, wiped my eyes, found my friends (this was a moderately popular band among my friends), and I tried to have a good time. He follows and tries to keep up with me but I ignore him. He stuck near me for the whole show, but by that point I was beyond caring. That was the last straw in our relationship. I remember actually feeling good for sticking up for myself, and then proceeding to have an amazing time. I guess it was then that I realized I didn't need him to make me happy, in fact, he was making me unhappy and any fear of being alone was a much better alternative to being told I'm worthless and occasionally getting punched in the face for saying the wrong things. I haven't seen or spoken to him since. He does not want anything to do with our son, but his mom is still involved. I've met someone new and have been with him for almost 3 years now. My son calls him daddy and he is wonderful. He is the exact and complete opposite of what my ex was like."

That Pore Woman
That Pore Woman

"One morning, I woke up to my significant other staring at my face. I thought he was admiring me sleeping, or something (why else does one stare at someone sleeping). I thought we were having a morning moment. Later, he asks me in all seriousness why my pores were so big? Huh? We later went out and I saw him kissing other girls cheeks and what not. I was totally over it at that point. The end. Oh, and I will have you know that my pores have been in incredible condition since then."

"I Had No Money, No Way Of Contacting Anyone"

"He was just a massive control freak. I'd just turned fifteen when I started seeing him, he was eighteen. We started out as normally as a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old can, but then each week he became more and more controlling. He would get mad at me if I talked to people he didn't like, he'd want me to cover up and never leave his apartment, he'd almost force me to tell him I loved him, that I'd never die, and that I'd be with him forever.

Whenever I didn't do any of those things though or if I somehow disappointed him, he'd punish me. He'd drop me off at the side of the road and try to make me walk home from our date, he'd take me to dodgy parties and just humiliate me in front of all his older friends. One of the worst things he ever did was when he made me take some pills and then got his friends to mess with me. They were wearing masks, pushing me about, screaming and shouting, and eventually dropping me into a swimming pool.

I first realized it when he called me up one night at 11PM-ish to tell me he was sorry about how much we'd been arguing, and that he wants me to go over to his apartment. I get there, and he's gone out to some bar and locked me outside. I had no money, no way of contacting anyone, and so I just had to sit outside his apartment building and wait until he got home before I could get some money off him to catch a taxi home.

He was a really messed up guy and I am so glad he is out of my life now."

Did He Actually Think That Would Work?
Did He Actually Think That Would Work?

"I had this one boyfriend when I was about 17. He had anxiety issues, and while I genuinely did care about him and feel we had a connection, sometimes enough was enough. He would call and start talking about how I was the only important thing in his life (and NOT in a sentimental way, but in a creepy way). He would then talk himself into a whole frenzy and his anxiety would come out; manic talk and hyperventilation. He would get offended whenever I was honestly too busy to talk to him, freaking out and sending text after text about how he 'thought' I loved him and all this. I know, I know, why were you with this weirdo in the first place?? But he did have some great qualities, and I was young.

Well, at one point I decided I was through with him. I broke up with him, and needless to say, he did NOT take it well.

He called me over, and over, and over, and over again. I blocked his number (which on my phone, just blocked calls and not texts). He then proceeded to text me repeatedly (I think maybe 30 in a row, not exaggerating) about how he missed me, what I meant to him, and how he was sorry he messed up and would change. His phone had some sort of 'rapid-send' option, and he sent threatening texts over and over until the cows came home. I couldn't even read any texts from my friends or mom because of how he flooded my inbox.

THEN he sent a text that said 'come outside.' I didn't. I hid in my room and then he left his mom's old cell phone in my MAILBOX for god's sake, with a 17-text explanation in it, of how he was sorry and why I should take him back. The next 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW, he sat outside my house texting 'come outside' every two seconds. I feel I should mention this was all after only about a MONTH of dating. I finally told my dad. He went out and talked to the boy, then called the cops, who took this creep home and that was the end of it.

One of my many regrets about this is that I didn't watch his inevitably hilarious police removal."

In Sickness And In Health?
In Sickness And In Health?

"We went to a concert. And in the middle of the concert, I started getting pale as if I was about to pass out. I ran to the bar to get myself water and I threw it on my face. I went back to the floor, and she looked like she didn't care. As the band is playing, I start feeling like I need to throw up, so I tell her. I run to the bathroom and puke my guts out. As I'm puking I look behind me, and she isn't there. I then left the concert early (right before the encore) because I couldn't stand up, and I felt so terrible. As I ran to the parking lot throwing my guts up, she stayed in the concert and kept on rocking.

On the drive home, I asked my buddy to drive my car home. I then asked him to pull over, so I could throw up. I'm sitting on side of the road and I'm puking all over the place. I once again look behind me, and she isn't there, instead, sitting in my car waiting for me to come back.

The next day I got up, looked at my phone and had no texts or phone calls. I texted her saying hello, and she never once asked me how I was feeling, I had to bring up the topic and tell her.

It's a shame I didn't realize this until six months later, when stories like these accumulated over time, that I needed to break up with her. She said she could change, but let's be honest, who wants to have to convince their significant other to care for them when they are sick? I know if I was in her shoes, I would have been right there next to her holding her and telling her she'd get home safe."

That Sloth Must Have Been Shook
That Sloth Must Have Been Shook

"We went to the zoo for a date. There was a special building inside where sloths could roam freely around visitors. There was just one sloth out at that time and it was sleeping right by the ceiling. She wanted to see the sloth moving from a closer distance, so she handed me a big piece of bark she found on the ground, and she told me to throw it and wake up this poor sleeping guy. She was completely serious. I dodged a serious bullet here."

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