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Rejection is never easy to deal with, but some people take it way too personally. These women tried to let men down easily, but the men only acted liked babies in response. Content has been edited for clarity.

You Wouldn't Hit A Pregnant Woman, Would You?


You Wouldn't Hit A Pregnant Woman, Would You?

"I was pregnant and out celebrating my birthday with my partner. We had just gone out for dinner and decided to drop in at a bar where all of my friends were, as they wanted to wish me a happy birthday.

Just before we left, I headed to the bathroom and my partner and friends went outside for a smoke. On my way back from the bathroom, a guy stopped me. He said something about my chest then attempted to motorboat me. I grabbed his chin and pushed his face away from me and went to walk away. He smashed a pint glass into the side of my face and punched me in the head several times. I was lucky that there was a table behind me that I was able to grab on to, or else, I'd have fallen to the floor.

He was thrown out by the bouncers, but it was up to myself and my friends to call the police to report what had happened. He was arrested, it went to court, and he plead guilty to assault. He didn't get any jail time, and I got £180 compensation, which I received in 1 cent monthly payments."


"I Did Not See This Extreme Level Of Crazy Coming"

"He sent me an email with a 3-page essay attached. It was written entirely in the third person, recounting his first rejection by a girl named Tania at the age of 16. There were a lot of solitary beach walks, 'she's the perfect girl' talk, him not taking no for an answer, and then the story eventually ends with him drinking anti-freeze, slipping into a coma, hospitalized, and eventually recuperating, only to tell poor Tania that she could have avoided this by agreeing to date him. The title of the email read, 'So You Know What You Are Getting Into.'

I was 19 and did not see this extreme level of crazy coming, but knew I needed to really make how I felt clear. I immediately called him to reiterate that I do not want to be with him, I no longer want to be friends with him and told him if he contacted me again, I would change my number. I let a friend of his know what was going on. Five days later, he called from a different number to tell me he was out in the country with a weapon to his head, and if I didn't agree to be with him immediately, he was going to pull the trigger. I lied and convinced him I had to leave because I had a family emergency (aunt 'sick in the hospital') but that we would talk the next day. I had a mutual friend call him and report back. Sure enough, I was right, he was totally fine.

He called the next day and, with the most sing-song, creepy, serial killer tone ever, said, 'You think you're so niiiiiice. What type of terrible human being doesn't agree to what someone needs when they tell you they're going to kill themselves? You piece of trash.' I. Lost. The. Plot. I told him I'm changing my number and that the next time he contacts me I will get the police involved. He just laughed the whole time and told me he hoped I would die alone, like I deserved.

Radio silence for six years until I'm getting married. I get an email from him: 'Hey! Wow it's been a while! How are you? Would be so great to catch up sometime.'

Psychotic idiot. Obviously, I never replied and changed my email, again!"

Breakdown In The Bookstore
Breakdown In The Bookstore

"When I was a nanny, I was walking around with the baby in the pram and we visited a bookshop. A man in there started talking to me, and then asked me out. Very kindly, keeping my father's advice in mind about being kind when I have to reject men when they ask me out, I said that that was a nice offer, but my boyfriend might not be too keen on it.

His response to that was to lean in and try and kiss me. I told him to get the heck off me, he then exploded with rage and started screaming in my face. I was saved by the bookstore employee. The man stormed out of the shop and I spent the next few hours shaking like a leaf.

What a champion."

A Small Act Of Kindness Turns Into A Scary Episode
A Small Act Of Kindness Turns Into A Scary Episode

"When I was 17/18, I was shopping at a mall once and stopped to get a smoothie. This guy in line paid for my smoothie, which I was super flattered by, but then he asked me out. I rejected him kindly, and he said, 'That's okay! Do you mind if I go shopping with you then? I'd still like to talk to you.' I told him I wasn't interested and started walking off, but he followed me anyway.

I walked around for a bit because I was hoping that if I didn't respond or acknowledge him, he would go away. But nope. I ended up going into an Urban Outfitters, making eye contact with a manager and trying to look as freaked out as possible. As soon as she started walking towards me/us, he decided now was the time to leave. The manager was really nice; she alerted mall security for me and chatted with me for 15 minutes.

Some people might ask why I didn't pay myself, let me explain: It happened very fast honestly, he had his card out, handed it to the cashier, cashier swiped it, the cashier looked at me with an 'oops' expression (they were really busy that day). I tried to pay for his smoothie and give him $5 but he didn't want it, and back then I was really shy and didn't want to make a scene.

About an hour later, when I was walking back to my car in the parking garage, I saw him again. He was on the other side of the garage and diagonal from me. He waved at me and started heading over... I literally ran to my car and got out of there as soon as I could.

I've also rejected a guy, and then a few minutes later had friends of his come up to me and ask why I rejected their friend. That was really awkward. A funny one was when I took one of those group Ubers for the first time. There were three girls, including myself, and one dude, and he asked me out. After I said no, he called me rude and proceeded to try asking the other girls out."

When She Finally Fought Back, He Completely Lost It


When She Finally Fought Back, He Completely Lost It

"I was taking a break at work behind the building listening to music and enjoying the breeze when a coworker I constantly tried to avoid because he was a creep started asking me out. I'd already been irritated because of annoying customers and the overbearing heat inside, so instead of the usual brush-off reply, I snapped at him and made it clear I was in no way interested, had a boyfriend whom I loved, and that he needed to get the heck out of my personal space. I went to walk away and he grabbed my arm to twist me around trying to back me against the wall, and when I managed to finally rip my arm away and push him back to get him off me, he got mad and shoved me. The back of my head hit the wall, split open about an inch and a half, bled a lot, and I had to get about seven stitches. He got fired and also arrested for assault; he tried to say I had hit him first, but luckily there was a camera around back that caught the whole thing.

I was 19 when this happened and he was 21. No one really liked him because he was a scumbag and thought he knew better than everyone, even though he didn't work hard and constantly got in people's way. He also asked out every female worker multiple times and was really pushy about it, which made us all extremely uncomfortable just to be around him because he didn't seem to understand personal space when it came to anyone female. We were all constantly telling him to back off. We worked the same shift because he kept getting rotated around for problems and finally they left him where he was because he only harassed me and I was the only one who didn't seem 'bothered,' aka I didn't complain, which I realized later I should have, cause it might've gotten him fired sooner before this all went down.

Because I was the only female on that shift, he'd always try to get with me. It never worked and I found ways to keep my distance. The day he busted my head open, with the heat and long day combined, and I snapped at him instead of just walking away like normal, which was something he obviously hadn't been expecting. So he grabbed me and tried to hold me back while he yelled at me. I ended up with a bruise shaped like his hand that I didn't notice until I got to the hospital. After he shoved me and I hit the wall, I started yelling at him, and he was freaking out a bit because for once I was actively standing up for myself, and he started to realize what he'd just done. When I reached back and my hand came back covered in blood, he only flipped out for real and started apologizing a mile a minute. I went inside still yelling at him and our manager came over to snap at me until I told him what happened and showed him my bloody hand. He turned me to check out my head and panicked. Unfortunately for the idiot still apologizing, our uniform shirt was white, and the back of mine wasn't anymore. I know head wounds bleed a lot, but it looked like I'd been hurt worse than I was. I even freaked out at how much blood there was once I took off the shirt. I was taken to the hospital, the cops were called, and they arrested him later.

We found out he was on probation for punching his girlfriend in the face earlier in the year and kicking her dog around afterward. He was in jail for a good seven years after the fact, all I did was give a report on what had happened and the tape proved my story. I never went to court. I was 19 and this really wasn't that big a deal to me, the injury wasn't that bad; I was in the hospital longer for questioning than anything else, I was almost completely stitched up before the police even came. All I had was a tiny hairline fracture, not even a concussion. I was more annoyed than anything. I didn't even think to sue, but I had bigger things to deal with at that point in my life than some idiot at work, and I sort of just moved on after everything."

She Thought She Was Finally Free Of Him

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She Thought She Was Finally Free Of Him

"When I broke up with my (mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive) ex of four years, he stabbed himself in the stomach because I wouldn't take him back. Then he called me (while apparently sitting in his car, bleeding everywhere) and came up with an elaborate story about how he was 'dragged out of his car and attacked.' On a main road. With plenty of light. And a whole bunch of traffic cameras and surveillance cameras from stores. Surprisingly, not one of those cameras caught anything. He ended up driving himself to the hospital and had to get emergency surgery.

I was called the next day by a detective who told me it was self-inflicted. I immediately cut off all contact with him and any of our shared friends, but still felt guilty for months, thinking that I caused someone to seriously injure themselves."

Well, That Makes For A Hostile Work Environment


Well, That Makes For A Hostile Work Environment

"I went on a terrible date with a coworker. He got wasted and really embarrassed himself and me in front of a lot of people. I share a lot of my life on the internet and I draw the line at going into detail about what happened that night, that is how bad it was. The next day, I gave a different male coworker a ride home, which was something that happened every Wednesday. The guy I went out with followed us, confronted our coworker and his wife about 'the affair' I was having with him (I wasn't), cried, and pulled an actual white picket fence out of the neighbor's yard and threw it at the dude. The police were called, it was a whole thing.

The best part of the story is that the good coworker was given a promotion so that he was the direct supervisor of both myself and the dirtbag. I didn't have to work with him too much longer after that."


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His "Bad Boy" Persona Was The Real Deal

"So I really liked this guy in high school, he was kind of 'edgy,' and I was a pretty good kid. He asked if I wanted to skip school with him, and naturally, I was all for it. I walked to his house after getting dropped off at school and we watched movies. He eventually turned on adult videos while we were kissing/making out and tried to put his hand down my pants. I was really nervous because I was inexperienced and hadn't even touched a guy down there or anything. I found my way out of there pretty quickly. I kind of just stopped talking to him (really because I wasn't ready...) and he decides to tell everyone he was my first and that I was bad in bed. I was mortified. He's now a speed addict."

Music Festivals Attract The Worst People
Music Festivals Attract The Worst People

"My friends and I went to a music festival a few summers ago. As we were on our way in, this guy looked me in the eye and said, 'Wow you're so freaking hot with those big blue eyes.'

I said, 'Thank you' and looked away (I'm shy girl), so he decided to run up and start grinding on me, then asked for my number. I turned him down as politely as I could, but he won't let up.

My friends luckily knew I was really scared, so they stepped in and started saying stuff like, 'You know, she's a little young for you, she's only 16.' I was a bit older at the time, but I have baby face, so it was a smart move.

He was like, 'Yeah, so? I'm 24.'

They were like, 'No dude, too young for you. Leave her alone.'

So he went, 'Eff you, I'm being NICE.'

They're like, 'No, you're not.'

So he went, 'Eff you all, I'll throw all y'all down these stairs right now, I'm no pansy.'

We honestly realized that, hey, we just didn't wanna be thrown down concrete stairs, so we stopped talking to him. He ran ahead of us and stole our spot in line, and a few friends tried arguing with him, but one of our friends was like, 'Guys we don't actually know how volatile and crazy he is, just let him go and we'll stay away from him.' We did, though he was low key following us the whole time, absolutely COVERED in Molly sweat."

He Couldn't Have Her, So He Went To The Extreme
He Couldn't Have Her, So He Went To The Extreme

"It was a guy I had been dating for a while in high school. We started out at the same school, but I moved part way through the year. He cheated on me and I left him. After a while, he kept trying to ask me out again, even going so far as to propose. I said no.

He wouldn't leave me alone, so I got a new SIM card for my phone, as I didn't know how else to change my number. Consequently, I lost all my contacts. It was well before smartphones. I lost contact with all my friends (mutual friends of his and mine) at the old school. I accepted it and moved on.

Years and years later, MySpace came around, and of course, I jumped on board. I was looking through people one day and came across one of the old friends from school. I'm super excited and added her. Apparently, that freaked her out some because my ex had never mentioned our breakup and had, in fact, told everyone that we had been engaged until I DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT."

Hostels Are A Favorite Hangout Of Weirdos

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Hostels Are A Favorite Hangout Of Weirdos

"I was backpacking with my girlfriend (we are both women) and staying in a hostel, which was a 6-bed mixed dorm.

All was well until it was just me, my girlfriend, and an old Indian guy in the room who was ridiculously wasted. We ordered pizza that night and he started shouting at us for not ordering him pizza in the common room. Eventually, he started telling people he wanted to marry my girlfriend and actually asked me if he could marry her, to which I said, 'No, go to bed, you're wasted,' etc. Anything to get him away from us.

We went to bed eventually and he kept talking and talking about how much he liked my girlfriend. I asked him to stop and told him that he was making her uncomfortable and that he needed to go to sleep.

He didn't. He proceeded to start pleasuring himself over me and saying my girlfriend's name, as I was in the bottom bunk and my girlfriend was in the top bunk. It was horrible, my girlfriend threw a bottle of water off his head and we both ran out of the room to go to the reception desk to complain.

He followed us. We had to complain about him jerking off while he stood right there. Then he completely flipped out. He threatened to murder us both and said he would kill the guy on reception. He kept saying, 'Why would I pleasure myself to you? You're disgusting.' The hostel kicked him out and gave us a private room, but he stayed and argued for hours. The police even had to come."

The Most Cringe-Worthy Moment In Gym History
The Most Cringe-Worthy Moment In Gym History

"This happened a few days ago. You should know that I'm a gym nut. I go at least five times a week and train for around two hours---either in the weight room or with teachers during some courses I like. So this time, I was in a room with some other people and a teacher, and we were doing a boot camp style training. There was also this guy, who was clearly not right in the head. I don't know what he had precisely, but it's pretty evident that he's not functioning 'normally.' He also has epilepsy and has had a seizure during fitness class before.

Nobody really talks to this guy, but I try to be kind to him. I greet him when I see him, talk to him about training; you know, just small talk. Apparently, he took it as flirting---I was appalled at the way other women blatantly ignored him, but now I know why.

So, just before class, he came up to me and said: 'Finally, I've learned at what times you come to the gym!' Uhm. Creepy as heck. Anyway, I chalked it up to his less-than-average social skills. During class though, he started wanting to be paired up with me, tried to help me with lifting (even though I'm way more fit), and constantly invaded my space. When he broke the touch barrier, I had had enough and sternly told him that he was being inappropriate. The instructor saw what was happening, took him aside, and prevented him from bothering me again.

So, why am I telling you this story? Because after I rejected his advances and the teacher moved him to another part of the room, he FAKED A SEIZURE. At first, he was kinda believable, and we called the owner of the gym, who knows him and always handles these things. But then, he stopped 'seizing' long enough to tell me: 'You see? This is all your fault, you nasty girl.' Then he resumed, far less convincingly.

I've never seen anything as cringe-worthy and sad as this."

Well, At Least His Reaction Was Nonviolent...

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Well, At Least His Reaction Was Nonviolent...

"I told him I did not want to see him anymore, so he proceeded to stop eating. He would send me pictures of his body deteriorating, bony hands etc.

It shook me for a while but I realized it was on par with his suicide threats and he did it to get my attention. Manipulation really. I told him to get help and blocked him. He completely lost his mind but started eating again (and making death threats about me on a public forum) shortly after. Yeah, he wasn't well. I later heard he was diagnosed with narcissistic traits, among other things."

She Gave Her Ex A Chance, He Demonstrated Why He Was An Ex In The First Place


She Gave Her Ex A Chance, He Demonstrated Why He Was An Ex In The First Place

"I was spending time with an ex because he insisted he needed the company, and we were still on friendly terms. I ended up having to kick him out of my house (he was acting crazy, keeping me up by talking and messing around when I told him I needed to sleep and would kick him out if he continued disrupting my rest). He spent the following three days sleeping outside of my house and only left to get suitcases of his stuff, which he subsequently left by my back door. He would repeat this routine every few months until I moved, insisting that he would hold my bike hostage until I 'stopped being mean and let him into my house.' Needless to say, he never set foot in my home again."

When A Creepy Guy Infiltrates Your Friend Group

When A Creepy Guy Infiltrates Your Friend Group

"It amazes me that two times when I rejected people, they simply refused to listen to me and kept trying to change my mind.

The first guy kept following me everywhere even after I said I wasn't interested. One time I was having breakfast at a cafe and he walked in and sat down opposite me. I was speechless, scared, and too young to make a scene. The stalking only lasted a few weeks, but it got so bad I couldn't relax in public, I'd look behind me every few steps because he made me so paranoid.

The second guy was in my friend group at college, which in a way made it worse than the first one. I must have turned this guy down at least ten times, but his persistence was ridiculous. It was like trying to swat down an immortal fly that bounced back up every time you killed it. He'd make whiny passive-aggressive comments about why we should date and ask for hugs and pretend to be close to me in front of other people, and I didn't want to disrupt our friend group so I avoided him as much as I could and changed friend groups."

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