Some people never really know what they are getting themselves into until it's far too late. Ever decision made and action taken has a consequence. Every fling and relationship from someone's younger years can have an impact on them later on in life.

Just ask the people in the following stories who had a relationship with someone who ended up being a step-sibling, or even worse, a step-parent, later on in life. How does someone react to such a situation? How do they get through it? Take a look at the following stories, which have been edited for clarity, and find out.

Where There's Love, There's A Way
Where There's Love, There's A Way

"My dad died when my sister and I were very young, so my mom remarried and we were eventually adopted by my step dad who had a son and daughter. My step sister grew up with us but her brother never lived with us nor did we had a close relationship with him. No family holidays, nothing. Growing up, we saw him twice, if that.

Decades later, my step sister is having a wedding. Step brother is there and he and my sister hit it off. Long story short, they fell in love and were a couple. My mom and step dad were not happy at first but accepted it because they never grew up together as brother and sister.

After some time, they decided to marry but were not able to right away. Because my step dad adopted us, technically, in the eyes of law, he was our true blood brother. They could not legally marry.

It finally took my step brother getting adopted by his step dad in his 30s to get the ok to marry from the state. They are still together and no one thinks it's a big deal anymore."

A Story So Good, It Had To Wait 30 Years
A Story So Good, It Had To Wait 30 Years

"My great-aunt married the boy next door back in the early 1940s. It turns out, he was gay and he wanted her around as a decoy. It was a very unhappy marriage.

Her husband was estranged from his father who had already divorced his mom, so the father-in-law joined the navy at the outbreak of the war and spent the war building airstrips all over the Pacific and Southeast Asia. He got back from the War and met his son's wife.

He and my great/aunt had instant chemistry and apparently started banging almost immediately. He had been off at war and she was in a loveless marriage, so there was a lot of pent up energy.

Of course they got caught after awhile... mid-act. The son and ex-wife show up.

But it all ended up working out for the gay son because he could opt out of the marriage without being the one doing anything wrong and no one would be the wiser.

My great-aunt suffered some social ostracism for this as it was juicy gossip for the city they lived in. However, when the divorce came, she married her former father-in-law.

They remained married until his death in the mid-90s after nearly 50 years together and three kids (plus grandkids).

They were quite happy, but this story has always been one my mom kept from me until I was 30."

No One Can Know
No One Can Know

"I had a fling with my former sister-in-law up until recently. I split with my ex when she cheated on me back in 2011, and I effectively cut contact with that side of the family.

My sister-in-law was never on my bad side per se, but it was easier to cut her out and call it a day than try to surgically remove everyone else but her. She wasn't a model, but she wasn't bad looking either. She and I got along well enough during my marriage because we married into the insanity.

Fast forward to last year. I found out my former sister-in-law and ex-wife's brother separated because my ex-BIL started sleeping with someone behind her back (guess cheating ran in the family). I unblocked her and reached out. I've been down this road and know how to handle the family in court, so I figure I'd lend assistance. Meet up with ex-SIL, help her do some errands then head back and hang out. Started drinking, certain things came out about one another, and next thing I know we're in the bedroom going at it.

We met up a few times until about a month ago. She found a guy that she wants to date so I stopped becoming her Plan B.

No one has found out, and I'm pretty sure it'd be a circus if anyone did."

It All Started With A Cheating Pastor
It All Started With A Cheating Pastor

"My mom and dad had gotten divorced after she had been cheating with the pastor from our church. Shortly after that, my dad remarried. We're talking less than eight months.

My new stepmother was also the mother of a close friend of mine. We had practically grown up together since my dad and she had also been friends since middle school. The situation was already awkward since I had a crush on her daughter for some time. Turns out she was crushing on me too. We ended up secretly dating at 13 and ended up hooking up pretty frequently.

My stepmother caught us in the act when we were 17. Surprisingly enough she wasn't even upset. She just gave us the usual talk and made sure we were being safe. She also started putting my friend on birth control. She never told my dad.

We stopped the relationship when we went to separate colleges, but still kept in touch. After about five years of growing up and being in separate states, we ended up visiting and restarted the relationship just about a year ago. My dad is now aware of the relationship though he acknowledged he assumed stuff was happening anyway, but didn't care since we weren't blood related.

Also, I'm now engaged to my step-sister."

She Was There When He Needed Her The Most
She Was There When He Needed Her The Most

"I did the deed with my mother-in-law once. It still makes me feel dirty when I think about it. I was separated from my wife at the time (in the process of divorcing) and went to my mother-in-law’s house to help her with moving some furniture. We ended up sitting around after I helped and had a few drinks and talked about my separation.

Fast forward to midnight and six drinks later and all of a sudden I’m looking at her with her jeans to her ankles and bent over the kitchen table. I swear to this day I really don’t know who made the first move or how it got to that point. It was crazy.

The next day she called me and played the whole ‘I had so much to drink I don’t even remember last night’ card. I get it. I know it was her way of pretending like it never happened and I was perfectly okay with doing just that.

I saw her numerous times after that and neither of us acted strange. We just erased it and acted like nothing ever happened.

I’ve never told anyone until now."

A New Spin On The Brady Bunch
A New Spin On The Brady Bunch

"Not me, but my son and step-daughter. Where do I begin?

My wife and I were married in 1995. I had two sons - 16 and 12 - and a 10-year-old daughter. My wife had two daughters ages 14 and 11. Modern day Brady Bunch. You guessed it. The 16 and 14 year olds had a relationship and all the other kids knew about it and enabled them. To top it off, her two daughters were mean, cruel, and vindictive towards me and I took the brunt of their father abandonment issues and their mother was powerless to do anything about it.

I suspected something but they vehemently denied it. You know...look you straight in the face and lie kind of thing. Apparently, my step-daughter was the instigator according to the other kids. My wife couldn't fathom her daughter lying or doing anything as terrible as having a relationship with my son.

We found out when her younger daughter, out of guilt, told her mother. It hit the fan. It also badly damaged the relationship between my son and I. Specifically, because he started to act towards me the way my step-daughter treated me.

I was undergoing a life threatening health issue at the time and this only exacerbated it. Family therapy ensued (of course) and the therapist said if we tried to separate them it could lead to suicide. He was more concerned about their smoking then their relationship. It almost destroyed our marriage and we were extremely lucky we made it beyond five years. Some 'friends' and family were disgusted we would allow such a if we had allowed it.

My son and I reconciled soon after the fiasco but it was a difficult time for both of us. Move ahead almost 20 years and the relationships with my kids (now 39, 35 and 33) are great. I even have five grandkids!

Her daughters? Still dislike me even though I took care of and loved their mother in her three year journey with brain cancer. The only thing they did in those three years was to make sure they got what they wanted out of the house. I was in contact with them the first two years after she died, at my initiative. That stopped a year ago and if they want a relationship, it's on their dime. They are adults in their mid-thirties, it's on them."

And Then They Went For A Walk
And Then They Went For A Walk

"My parents are divorced and my dad now lives with his second wife and her son and daughter, Kate, who is one year younger than me.

Me and Kate have hooked up a few times over the last couple of years. It first happened on a vacation in Corfu when we were 18. Something clicked between us, things got flirty. We went to a local club one night without our parents, lost her brother who met a girl, and we walked back along the beach on the way back to the room. We ended up making out on the sand, but occasionally people would walk past so we went back to the hotel and I snuck into her room.

We managed it a couple of times more on the trip, but her brother kind of got wind of it and asked me if I had any feelings for her, which I denied and he warned me off. He's older and bigger than me so me and Kate didn't do anything more.

But a few opportunities have arisen since that we've taken advantage of. But my work and hers clash and what with family being around, it's rare we get time alone.

Whether anything will come of it I don't know. I hope to get my own place this year, maybe that will give us more chance or maybe we should stop as I can see it causing problems - I think we both know that."

No One Can Top This
No One Can Top This "Never Have I Ever"

"My dad had started dating following a messy divorce, and after being very coy about his activities for a few months, decided to introduce me to his girlfriend’s family. We all travelled to a relative’s country house and had a big party. The drinks flowed pretty liberally.

Eventually, it was just me and the new girlfriend’s daughter who remained. We’d been getting on pretty well all night, and we were both feeling great at this point. I stood, deciding I’d had enough fun for one night, and kissed her good night. One thing led to another, and we slept together.

This kept up for a few months. I’m not sure if my dad ever grasped why I was always so excited to visit his girlfriend’s place, but I was there in a flash if the invitation was offered.

Fast forward six or seven years, and my dad's girlfriend is now his wife. I was a groomsman.

Now I like throw ‘I have never banged my sister’ in games of never have I ever."

It Was Like A Greek Tragedy
It Was Like A Greek Tragedy

"My best friend when we were growing up got a new girlfriend we met at a fair. They hung out a lot but never were officially dating. One day she asked to hang at my place until he was off work, not abnormal because my house was close to his. Long story short, she comes on to me, tells me they’re just friends, me being a little 15-year-old believe her, and we did the deed.

A few years later, I finally turned 18 and with that, got the ability to unseal my birth records. I’m adopted from birth. Always had a nagging suspicion that I might have met someone related to me and not known it, luckily I meet my bio family and they live in Texas. So I actually never really could have met anyone. Turns out my bio dad killed himself on my 18th birthday, so that kinda blows. I ask about his family, and I apparently have a couple half siblings but none that we were in contact with. So I let it go.

A few years later, I pretty much just gradually drop connection with my bio family. Keeping up with two families is hard, and my adoptive family who I consider my real family was going through some stuff with cancer. Randomly though, I get a call. My half sister died in a train accident where her friend tried to race a train. My dad apparently got my mom pregnant the same time as he got one of her other classmates pregnant so they kept up. She saw on Facebook her kid that my dad sired had died, and let me know since she was my half sister.

Any guess as to who it was? Yeah. I banged my half sister. No one knows but me and a few select friends. Definitely kinda cool to get this off my chest since it’s such a crazy occurrence.

I always liked to think kinda like an old Greek tragedy. It’s neat to have met my half sister before she died, the rest however not so neat."

"It Just Wasn't The Same"

"My parents divorced when I was in grade school. Got on well enough with the step mom when my dad remarried my freshman year in high school.

Four years later, I’m at college about three hours from my home town when my step mom offhandedly mentioned that her niece went to the same college, but I never got in touch or connected with this person (it was the early/mid 90s.) A few months into school, I randomly met a girl at a party. We clicked on a romantic level. We didn’t really date or go out, but we hooked up for the rest of the year. Just pure carnality.

She lived in a different town about two hours from my home town. Whatever. We exchanged housing info for the next year and went off to have our summer. In late July, step mom was having a family reunion. She was so excited that I could finally meet her niece and maybe we would be friends and could study or hang out at college. Cool. Whatever.

So we go to the reunion...

Yup. The girl from college was my step mom’s niece that I had spent the previous school year banging. Playing like we didn’t know each other it was an awkward family event. Kinda killed the magic of our lust.

We booty called a few times that next school year, but it just fizzled. She was the first to reach out about two weeks back to the fall semester, but she wanted to talk. She admitted to being a bit uncertain and feeling unsettled about it. It just wasn’t the same.

So, I had a relationship with my step cousin."

"It Was Just Something That Happened"

"My biological mother died when I was about 5 years old. My dad remarried about two years later to a woman who had a daughter who was the same age. We get along pretty well for the most part and years go by and nothing happened.

Sometime when we were both 13, my step-mum got in a car accident and died. We all took it really hard, especially my dad, who started to drink and not be very fatherly to either of us; he was depressed and rarely ever talked to us, and in turn left my step sister and I feeling despondent and unloved.

One night, I woke up to the sound of my step sister crying, I went to her room to comfort her and calm her down. We both end up crying together and we just held each other for a long time.

I kissed her, and went to go and leave, but for some reason (don't really know why) we just kept kissing for a while. Eventually we just ended up hooking up. I don't really know why we did it. We had never had any attraction to each other before hand, and we certainly never planned on it. I think both of us just liked the idea of being close to someone. We hadn't felt the touch of someone we loved for so long, that I think it was just a way of coping.

We kept it up for a couple of years, but after a while, we just stopped. I don't really know why. We just got over the feeling of being unloved I guess.

It never negatively affected our relationship, and it isn't awkward between us. It was just something that happened."

"Oh my God, It's Timmy"

"A close friend dated her step brother in high school. Like it was a serious relationship that lasted a couple of years.

The interesting thing here is that somehow my friend and her guy, Timmy, met before their parents were together. It was a small town. So they were dating, and while they dated, their parents started dating, got engaged and got married. So they felt like they were entitled to their own relationship. Everyone knew except their parents...until they did.

They all lived together under the same roof at the time. She was 14-15 and he was 19-20. One night, her parents walked in and they were hooking up on the couch. Surprisingly, only a minor freak out happened since they were super chill people. They didn't realize for a moment who it was and then her mom just shrieked, 'Oh my God, it's Timmy!!!'

Timmy got kicked out after that but they let his infant daughter from another girl stay there. He had sole custody but while he looked for a new place they, of course, kept the baby there. My friend said it was weird for her to babysit after that because they broke up. She really regrets it now but I think it's more because she knows Timmy is a low life scumbag who abused his dogs than because they are technically step siblings.

Overall a really terrible memory for everyone involved. I can't even make fun of her, she has suffered enough, and was so young at the time she didn't know how bad she messed up then. She does now."

"We Aren't Related Anymore"

"My mom's husband had a family that lived about eight hours away from us. We had family gatherings maybe once or twice during the beginning of their marriage when I was about 12 and he was 13, but after that we grew up completely separate and didn't speak for about six years.

A few years ago, he messaged me out of the blue to ask how I was doing. We talked for awhile and eventually started casually flirting back and forth. That Christmas, we exchanged gifts and made plans for me to come up and visit him and his family, and by this time everyone pretty much knew what was going on. It also just so happened that his grandma was staying with us that year for the holidays, and before I left she told me, 'When you go see him, just know that there is absolutely nothing weird or wrong about what you're doing. Just have fun and enjoy your time with each other.'

By that point, I was still skeptical of the whole thing and it made me pretty uncomfortable to talk about with my friends or family. We hit it off amazingly and I continued to drive the eight hours once a month for about a year, even while attending the school of engineering at my local university.

He officially asked me to start dating in June of 2016, so about six months after my first trip up, and he moved in with me January of 2017. My mom and step dad ended up getting a divorce this past summer (not because of us whatsoever, they had plenty of problems), so we aren't related by marriage anymore.

We now both attend the same engineering school and our first year of living together has gone great! Both of our families have always been approving and supportive, and it turned out way better than I could ever have hoped."

They're Still Together Today... With A Kid
They're Still Together Today... With A Kid

"In high school, one of my close friends lost her v-card to her 30-something stepbrother and began a relationship with him. They didn’t grow up together. I always felt like he was a bit sleazy and that he groomed her (we were about 16). The thing is, they’re still together, 15 years later, with a kid and everything. It really tore their family apart for awhile though.

I remember as teens, we justified him in our heads because he was conventionally attractive and seemed worldly. Hindsight is a weird thing.

I always thought the dad was creepy, too. He would be ‘fatherly affectionate’ towards her but like, too affectionate, and in a way that wasn’t natural for someone who met his step kids when they were in their teens. Also he treated her biological brother way differently to her. Way less caring.

I don't know what their relationship is like and I’ve lost touch with her, although I hope she’s doing ok. Regardless of how their relationship is now, it doesn’t make at least the start of their relationship any less messed up. He made her feel special. He spent time with her. He had some bad injuries from an accident and used the injuries for sympathy and care from her. She was always nursing his injuries and one time I walked in on them embracing and him acting like he was in serious pain and leaning into her for support - this is before her relationship became romantic. As an adult looking back, I now realize how calculated that was, how he hammed it up. He made her feel needed as well as worldly once she gained experience with him."

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