Almost every hotel is extremely accommodating to any needs its customer requests. However, when requests get out of hand, sometimes workers are left stunned. In this piece, hotel workers detail stories about the most entitled guests who ever came to stay. Keep in mind, these stories were edited for clarity.

This Is For Hotel Guests Only
This Is For Hotel Guests Only

"I used to work the front desk of a 1,200-room upscale hotel in San Francisco with a nightclub on the top floor. Our garage only held 300 cars and on weekends it was often full. We'd put out a sign saying 'Parking for Hotel Guests Only.' The valet would take the guests' cars to a nearby public garage.

About 11 pm on a Friday night, a Ferrari drives up and the guy wants his car parked and said he was going to the nightclub. The valet says, 'Sorry, we're full; hotel guests only.' The guy says to valet he'll be right back. He comes up to the front desk, demands a room, I check him in and go to hand him the room key. He tells me to jam the key up my behind and just park the car."

Stalker Alert
Stalker Alert

"Hotel Concierge here. Once a guy wanted a large framed picture of himself to be hung in a woman's room for her when she arrived. He of course also wanted me not to inform the woman, as this was supposed to surprise her. But this dude was really creepy, and set my Spider-sense off.

I called the woman who had the reservation to ruin the surprise for her. Turns out the guy was her stalker. We called the police. I know that's not the craziest thing in the world, but can you imagine how it would have been for that poor woman if she walked into the room, and had a picture of that guy in it? Gives me shivers today."

Scary Forgotten Items
Scary Forgotten Items

"Housekeeping comes to my office telling me a guest left a loaded weapon under the pillow. I tell them not to touch it - and call the guest.

Me: 'Hi Mr. . You forgot your weapon.'

Him: 'Oh no! I'm already at least 200 miles away. Can you hold onto it for a week?'

Me: 'No I cannot. I can leave it with the local sheriff.'

Him: 'Please don't do that. I'll be there shortly.'

He arrived a day later."

Hotel Harassment
Hotel Harassment

"Worked at a 5-star hotel in the heart of Boston as a room attendant (We would be the personal concierge for certain customers who paid extra).

I once had a man, overweight in his 50s, ask me to give him head. At first, I thought he meant find him a girl in the business, but no, he wanted me to do the favor. I kindly told him no, and he threatened to tell my boss that I was refusing his request and that he will not only be given head, but have me fired as well. He called my manager and told him I was refusing doing what he asked, so the manager came up and asked what was going on and the man said he asked for me to take his dry cleaning and I refused. I denied this and told my manager what happened.

The customer then got angry and demanded I was fired. What he didn't know was that we had cameras in the hallways (that had sound) and that one of the cameras picked up him asking for the deed. The man was quickly taken out of the hotel and banned for life, my manager felt bad and gave me a paid week off.

Later on I found out that the man was arrested for taking advantage of his personal assistant.

The weirdest part about the story? I am a guy."

That Website Is Blocked For A Reason
That Website Is Blocked For A Reason

"I have been working the graveyard shift at a hotel for about a year and have a had variety of very interesting people show up at my desk in the middle of the night. By far the strangest was at about 1 am a kid, probably about 17 years old, walks up to the desk and asks for a tooth brush, a fairly normal request.

He starts to walk away and then comes back and asks for a bottle of lotion. Again he starts to walk away and returns asking if there is a bathroom he can use. He goes into the bathroom for a moment and then returns to ask if he can use the lobby computers. He goes over to the computer and fiddles around with it for a minute. He then returns to the desk, obviously slightly frustrated, saying that the computer was not working correctly.

When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he couldn't get to a website. I tried to get him to explain and eventually went over to the computer and saw that whatever he was trying to view was blocked. I tried to explain to him, as he got increasingly angry, that he was not going to be able to access the website. He would not accept this and eventually demanded that I unblock it (which I can't do) and yelled at me saying, 'I'm really in the mood and I need to watch some x-rated videos!'

His pants were unzipped during the entirety of this conversation."

This Is Not  A Nanny Service, Ma'am
This Is Not A Nanny Service, Ma'am

"I was working as a front desk agent when an extremely neurotic mother with 6-year-old identical twins (we called them Mullet and Bowlcut) and an apathetic husband called six times to make sure that our hotel was 'environmentally-friendly' since her children were 'sensitive.' After assuring her our cleaning products were 'Green,' we recycle and use soy-based inks, she freaked out when she arrived and realized that 'Green' did not mean fragrance-free.

She threw a fit in the lobby and demanded that the hypoallergenic room she booked was 'triple-checked' (once by the housekeeper, then by the head of housekeeping, then by the manager-on-duty) to make sure there were no fragrances (and that we removed the complementary soaps/lotions) because they caused permanent neurological damage.

After finally approving the room (two hours later), she screamed at the bellman, who was trying to be helpful by assisting them with the fourteen market-style shopping bags of their belongings (something about the chemicals in plastic suitcases seeping into clothes) because she thought she smelled his deodorant and it would 'contaminate' their belongings.

Unable to handle all the bags and both children at once, she demanded that I watch Mullet, who had fallen asleep on a lobby chair, while she made sure all of their things made it up to the room uncontaminated.

The only parting instructions I was given were: 'If he wakes up and gets scared, his name is Mullet.' The instructions came from his twin brother, Bowlcut.

An hour and a half later, my manager gets fed up that one of his desk agents is playing babysitter to a passed-out child in his lobby and the strange looks being given by other guests as they pass by. He calls up to the room and asks them to please get their son. Twenty minutes later, Dad finally comes downstairs, hefts Mullet over his shoulder and hauls him away.

The next day, I find Bowlcut unattended in the lobby watching our fish tank and ask where his parents and brother are. He tells me that they're in the room, but after repeated calls (we couldn't knock or go in since they had a DND sign on the door) we didn't get a response.

I keep him with me while my manger tries to decide what the proper protocol would be for a 'lost child' who is not technically 'lost.' He decides that if we can't get a hold of them within the hour, we'll call the non-emergency police line.

Just before the call is made, Scent Lady calls down, furious that our persistent calls were interrupting their 'family-meditation.' We calmly explain that Bowlcut has been at the desk with us for the last 45 minutes and if she knew where he was. She insists that as long as I was working (why the heck she trusted me, I'll never know) that she was sure her children wouldn't go anywhere they weren't supposed to.

Woman, I'm not your nanny."

Belligerent Bride And Groom Stay
Belligerent Bride And Groom Stay

"There was a wedding at the place I work. Well this wedding featured a 200lb bride who I never saw sober and kept popping out of whatever she was wearing all three days she was there, a groom with neck tattoos and never stopped asking for someone who could get him coke, and the best man who got arrested the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner/fire for trying to stab the father of the bride with a marshmallow stick. Classy folk. Anyway the wedding was at 4 pm and despite the entire wedding party drinking like fish and barely able to stand through the ceremony they got to the reception without incident.

They start taking pictures at 5 pm and the first bridesmaid starts vomiting shortly after. From 6 to 10, we don't see them but the folks who had to work the reception had some horror stories. At around 11pm the bride and groom stumble into the lobby and ask for help up to their room. They've been in the same room for two days, but they have forgotten where it is because they're belligerent. I help them to their room and the groom walks straight in and falls down on the bed... passed out. The bride is outside trying to figure out how to get up the two steps to the room, basically kicking the step repeatedly and asking me why she can't go forward. So I pick her up and carry her into the room fireman style and lay her on the bed next too her husband who is dead to the world. No more than 15 minutes later, the barely coherent hubby walks up to me and asks if I was the guy who helped them to the room. Why of course it was me (expecting a tip). I kid you not the next words out of his mouth were, 'Hey thanks dude but I really need some more help. She's all passed out up there and I want to, you know consummate her but I can't get the dress off her. Can you help me with the dress man?'

I thought he was joking but the dude was dead serious, even offered me money to help take the wedding dress off his bride after I had carried her over the threshold. I ended up finding a bridesmaid who had stopped vomiting long enough to go help him out but to this day that's one of my best stories."

Give Me The Plasma Or Give Me Nothing
Give Me The Plasma Or Give Me Nothing

"I worked as a bellboy and got many weird request. This one wins the loot.

I was on my second week of work (it was a summer job), still getting used to things and what I as a bellboy can actually do. This hotel has many Russian guests, usually in 60s or up. At the time, the CEO had a marvelous idea to change old box TVs with plasma TVs during the main season. Most marvelous indeed. They started on the fifth and went downwards, and one family was placed on the fifth floor and one on the third floor.

Soon some old man comes to the receptions during lunch break, and I was only one there at the time(boss was away for short time but not on the lunch. He started rambling something in Russian and clearly mad for reasons unknown to me. My boss came and quickly took over the situation. He spoke Russian and after five minutes the man left. I asked him what was that all about. 'Ugh, idiot... He demands a free stay if we don't get him a plasma TV because his son has one, and he doesn't. The plasma tv has some Russian programs but even that is not enough. He wants us to call the cable company and get him some Russian program which has god knows what on it. And if we don't do that he will sue us. Let him come one more time if he dares.'

The Russian guy did not get what he wanted due to 100% occupation rate, did not get a discount, and we even charge him 20€ extra. He got belligerent one night and got on the bartender's nerves, and he added 'few' more drinks to the bill."

Demanding Outrageous Needs
Demanding Outrageous Needs

"Yeah, I remember one guy. He was by far the worst guest we've ever had. First, he asked for the cook to make him a burger with all sorts of special directions and ingredients. He complained and complained, and eventually, he didn't even end up eating it. He even demanded that our boss eat it. Then he demanded we make him cookies. The demands got worse and worse. He then asked us to repaint his room because he didn't like the wallpaper. Finally, when he demanded an indoor pool, the weight of one of his neighbors destroyed the entire hotel. I'll never forget that guy."

Butter Will Do Just Fine
Butter Will Do Just Fine

"Will try my best to describe: Me, working at a very small chain hotel as evening desk clerk. No one there, killing time until shift is over, this is one of my five jobs at the time. An odd guy in his 30s checks in. I process his stuff, and he is on his way. It's him and this woman in the hotel besides me. I see her walk by once, but that's all, she was checked in before I got there.

About 30 minutes before my shift ends, the guys come to the desk...

Guy: 'Hey man, you guys have any protection?'

Me: 'Uh, Yea...'

Guy: 'How much?'

Me: (Checks the list) '$3.75 each.'

Guy: 'WHAT?! Dude, I could get a whole box for cheaper than that.'

Me: 'Sorry, it's what we charge.

Guy: 'Dang, that's such a rip off.... do you guys have like, any lubricant or anything?'

Me: 'Sorry, sir, just the protection.'

Guy: 'Do you at least have any butter? Some butter would work fine.'

Me: (Trying desperately to keep straight face) 'Uh, no sir. I'm afraid we are out of butter...'

I worked about six months at that hotel, and that still stands as one of the weirdest experiences I've had."

Feel Free To Join Us
Feel Free To Join Us

"I work in a hotel restaurant. Had a request by a couple on their anniversary to have three shots sent up to their room after dinner. Easy enough right? Well dinner was done and her husband already went up to the room so as I'm taking her payment she asks 'You're not bi/gay by chance?' Odd question, but I said, 'No, sorry.' She replied, 'Oh well, either way, if you're interested me and my husband like to have a little extra fun on our anniversary so when you get off work come to our room, and we'll get you off.'

Well I politely declined, and she left. She went over to the hotel bar and asks the first individual man she sees, turns out it's the hotel's general manager having drinks after hours. They had to find a new place to stay that night."

No Dogs Allowed
No Dogs Allowed

"I work front desk at a common chain in the Midwest, but we are the nicest hotel in the town I live in. (roughly equivalent to a two star I guess).

I had a guy call in wanting to reserve our presidential suite for five or six nights, and he had to have his champion bloodline dogs stay in the room with him. We do not allow pets and I told him so. He asked if he could just pay the pet "fine" and have them anyways. I told him no, he asked if I was the owner. I offered him the number of a few pet friendly hotels in our city, and he stated that he only stays in four and five-star hotels so if I didn't have that to just forget it. I told him as nicely as possible that we weren't even a four or five star. He just kind of said 'hmmmm.' He then asked if there was any amount of money that we would accept to let him stay there with his dogs. Our owner just happened to be staying in the hotel, so I couldn't tell him to bring them and a suitcase of cash without losing my job. The guy then asks to speak to the owner to see if they can work something out. I tell him no and that I'm sorry I can't help him.

Fifteen minutes later the guy calls back and asks what it would take for him to buy the property. He tells me that he is going to make this into a property worth staying at, once he gets his hands on it, and he 'will, one way or another,' he's going to make it a place worth staying at. I kind of laugh and tell him that the owner has more money than he or I know what to do with (because it's true). He kind of laughs and says he doubts that."

The Hot Tub Is Closed
The Hot Tub Is Closed

"So I was working the graveyard shift at a hotel reception. We had this group of guys come and stay. They told me that they were here for their buddy's bachelor party. They were in their late twenties and there was a middle-aged woman with them. She seriously looked methed out. I asked if she was with them, kind of hinting, and the groom-to-be said 'yes, this is my mom.' Kinda weird, but whatever. So later that night after the bars close, they all come stumbling back and demand that I open the hot tub, which closed at 11 pm, for them to use. I refused, so the mom comes up to me and says, 'I will blow you if you open it for us.' I again refused and told them to go to their room. Half an hour later I get a call from another guest complaining that the bachelor party was too loud, so I went to go tell them to keep it down. I knock on the door, and one of the guy answers the door wide open, so I can see into the room. I kid you not, there was the Mom in only a thong giving a lap dance to the tune of Flo-rida, to her passed out groom-to-be son, while all his buddies were laughing and taking pictures. The mom then sees me and yells 'so you reconsidered my previous request?'

I turned and left. I did not know how to handle the situation, so I left. The next day my manager kicked them out of the hotel."

Room Change
Room Change

"I was working a morning shift and had a guest come down because his room key wasn't working and that he was in room 526. I checked his id, looked up his reservation and told him, 'Sir, the system is showing that you're not in room 526, you're in room 413.' He claimed that he was in room 526 all night and had no idea what I was talking about.

I double-checked our records and saw that he was originally checked into 526 and his room had been changed to 413 during the night. The night shift had already warned me that this guest was a bit off. Had come to the front desk many times during the night and was either on something or needed to be. He was very adamant that he never changed rooms, so I called security to help him to the rooms, locate his belongings and sort everything out.

He had completely trashed both rooms, and all of his luggage was in 413. Then the guy said that we must have gone into his original room, took all of his belongings to the other room and scattered empty cans throughout both of them. Despite the surveillance pictures of him going to the front desk and the report showing that he changed rooms, this was all somehow a conspiracy against him.

Oh, and apparently we took his car keys to steal his sunglasses and then replaced the keys in room 526, which he never even entered."

He's Not Even A Top-Tier SNL Star
He's Not Even A Top-Tier SNL Star

"One of my favorite stories from years in hospitality is my experience with Chris Kattan.

Someone came before he arrived to set up his room, apparently it's in his contract for stand up gigs that they set up his room with a Blu-ray player. We don't have them in our rooms so someone came to install one for him, no big deal. Once he arrives, he calls down freaking out it's not in his room. After some investigating it turned out our top-notch housekeepers took it during the inspection phase, thinking it had been left by a previous guest, despite the note saying it was to stay...

So I bring up the blu-ray player just expecting to hand it over. He opens the door in tighty-whiteys (by the way, Chris has put on some weight) and asks me to set it up for him. I can't set it up in the bedroom because the inputs aren't there. He has me move the television from the living room into the bedroom, so they can watch it in there. If you've ever stayed in a hotel you're familiar with how they bolt down everything. I did some things our engineering team would disapprove of to move that TV. I finally move the 40" TV into the bedroom where his 11/10 girl in underwear is hanging out in bed acting as if this a normal thing.

This is all of what I'm doing, what's fascinating about this is the conversation they are having in the background. The entire time Kattan is giving advice to this girl about how to empower her life, get ahead in the acting/modeling world and have the most fulfilling future. She is very disinterested the entire time as if she is using him for other purposes, though I'm not sure what he could do for any aspiring actor... Suddenly, I get the Blu-ray player working and Kattan FLIPS OUT: 'HAVE YOU SEEN BLU-RAY BEFORE?' The girl and I both say 'Uh, sure.' Kattan: 'IT'S AMAZING, THE PICTURE JUST.... SO CLEAR. I MEAN... ONCE YOU'VE SEEN IT HOW CAN YOU GO BACK RIGHT?'

The Beatles yellow submarine is playing on his Blu-ray player.


Me: Uh, yeah it looks great.

Suddenly he starts looking for money for me, feeling his underwear. I was on the verge of politely laughing like this whole thing was a skit. He ended up giving me $20 for the whole escapade I believe."

Replace These Marble Floors Immediately
Replace These Marble Floors Immediately

"I work at a private hotel for one of the top 100 fortune 500 companies, and we had a guest come up to the front desk one night stating that she had a complaint.

You see, she is a hardworking business woman, who absolutely MUST wear heels at all times of the day, and our marble floors (in roughly 75% of the facility I would say) are making her feet and back hurt, and that we should replace it all with the nice carpet that we have throughout the rest of the facility.

Now, this woman probably makes $100k+ a year. Money doesn't necessarily equal brains. She wants us to replace probably hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marble, because she doesn't want to wear flats.

The best part of it all? She was dead serious. We thought she was joking, and a few of us were just laughing at it, not thinking much of it, and she insists that we bring this up with management.

Yeah, okay. I'll get right on that."

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