Having a wedding can definitely bring out a different side of people, especially the soon-to-be brides. We’ve either seen episodes of Bridezilla or dealt with the craziness in real life. These close friends and family share the moment they were asked the most outrageous request from the entitled bride. Content has been edited for clarity purposes

Budget Who?
Budget Who?

"My best friend was a nightmare. If I didn’t talk about her wedding every day then I wasn’t being supportive. She got mad that I wasn’t attending her endless trips dress-shopping even though she kept booking them during the day. I worked a nine to five job and she knew this as she worked down the street. Apparently, I was supposed to take time off like she was.

Her shower was supposed to be 10 people as the wedding was very small. She was always complaining that she had no family and no one supported her so my parents offered to host it in their home and pay for the food.

My job was being phased out so money was tight and she kept asking me to buy things. Then she came back with a list of 45 people for the shower and we had to say that we couldn't accommodate that many people. She flipped. This was also around Christmas so everyone had a lot to do already. Things were strained at this time, but she still brought over my Christmas gift.

Then at work, she yelled at me on the phone when I said that I really couldn't afford to buy any more things for her shower although my mom was still offering to provide some of the food. She then called to say she gave me the wrong Christmas present and she was going to come back and get it. It was a picture frame.

Eventually, she brought mine back as it was 'special.' I told her not to bother and that she would be better off to have her other friend be her only bridesmaid instead of me. We never spoke again. I think her other friend was jealous that I was picked and did everything she could to discredit me. I was so done though.

My friend was quite poor growing up. She was always on a tight budget and was having a tiny wedding, yet didn’t want me to have a budget as well. I always wonder if she was able to stay married."

Bride Went Against Her Bridesmaids' Wishes
Bride Went Against Her Bridesmaids' Wishes

"A very dear friend was a bridesmaid at her college friend’s wedding. One day when I visited her, I saw her fuming over a beige gown.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked her.

‘That’s what I am wearing at K’s wedding,' she said.

‘Umm, okay. What’s wrong with it? I know it’s a bit dull, but that’s fine, no?’ I asked.

‘When we went bridesmaid dress shopping, she asked me what color I should pick for the bridesmaids. I told her to pick anything but a light color or a beige color because it would look really dull on us,' she said.

Oh, and are you ready to hear the icing on the cake? On the night of the reception, K’s husband got wasted and told my friend that K is hilarious, and evil because she purposely picked a dull color for her bridesmaids, as she wanted to look the prettiest that day.

Wow. Just Wow."

Bride's Shady Scheme Part One
Bride's Shady Scheme Part One

"The absolute worst bridezilla was my daughter. First off, my daughter thinks she is above her status we shall say. We live in a depressed area. Most folks live paycheck to paycheck. Most of my daughter's friends were either college students or working manual jobs like waitresses while attending college.

So my daughter got engaged and began planning her wedding with grandiose plans. She chose her bridesmaids; three of her sisters and a few of her friends that she barely knew for three years. She chose a bridal salon for the bridesmaid dresses that was an hour and a half away from where everyone lived. But because it was close to one of her barely new friends that was in the wedding party, she thought it was fine.

She bought her wedding gown locally off the rack, but cheap though. She complained that everyone worked different shifts and could not take off a day of work, They weren't going to lose a day's pay to pick out dresses. They ended up all getting their dresses on different days. She chose bridesmaid dresses that cost more than she paid for her own wedding dress. Their dresses cost 400 bucks each.

Next, she wanted a bridal shower at a hotel that also was close to an hour and a half from where everyone lived. And she wanted all of the bridesmaids to pay for the expensive catered meal for about 25 people. Plus she chose her own 'gift' for the bridal party to buy for her. Spoiler alert, it was very expensive outdoor furniture.

Next came the time to have her bachelorette party. She chose to have it in a destination one state away at a casino. She expected the bridal party to also pay for the trip, but several members refused to go or pay.

Next came the time for everyone to pick up their gowns from the bridal salon. She told the bridal salon to use her phone number only when calling to let her know when the gowns came in. She let everyone know when the gowns came in so the bridal party could get fitted. One of my daughter's bridesmaids had to pay for three gowns; hers and her daughters. She paid hefty fees for alterations. So the day came and we got notified that the gowns were ready for pick up.

I called the bride and said, 'I am going to pick up the gowns from the bridal salon.'

And she kept telling me no. She made fifty excuses as to why she would pick them up. After arguing back and forth, I gave in and let her pick them up."

Bride's Shady Scheme Part Two
Bride's Shady Scheme Part Two

"A week before the wedding she informed everyone that she had two people coming to the house to do everyone's hair and they would be paying these people 75 bucks each. She chose to go to her own stylist. I refused to pay someone for the younger members of the bridal party that I didn't know so I took the kids to my stylist.

The hairstylists arrived at the house about four hours before the wedding. They had five bridesmaids do elaborate hairstyles. Their hair looked like a child did them. It was terrible. I had to repin most of the bridesmaid's heads before we even got to the church.

One of the bridesmaids found out she was pregnant just before ordering the dresses, so by the time the wedding happened she was about five months pregnant. So after getting their hair done, everyone put their dresses on. My one daughter who paid hefty fees for alterations put her gown on and couldn't figure out why her gown was so large and it didn't fit her. The pregnant friend offered to swap gowns with her to see if hers would fit on my daughter better. My daughter said no she would just wear it. We checked to see if the shop had given my daughter the wrong-sized gown.

That was when we saw the size tag had been cut off the gown. At that point, we knew exactly what happened. My daughter's friend had ordered her gown larger not knowing how big her belly would be by the wedding. The gown she ordered was too big, so the bride actually gave her friend her sister's gown and neither of them said a word. I found this to be one of the most disgusting, shameful things I have encountered with this daughter. But it got better.

Right before the ceremony, the bride switched the lineup. The daughter that was to be the maid of honor for her sister, was replaced by the bride's pregnant friend as maid of honor. The same sister who helped foot the bill for most of the bride's outlandish requests.

The pregnant one got married the following year in an expensive Hawaiian Wedding. She invited 10 couples to stand up for her and her fiance. Apparently, we found out later that since she found 10 couples to book the trip, she and her husband got a free vacation. Hotel and airfare were free. She basically ignored my daughter and her husband the whole trip as well as five of the other couples. She just used them to get a free wedding trip. There were numerous other things that happened with this bridezilla that actually made me ashamed to call her my daughter."

Their Wedding Was Ruined Because Of Bridesmaid
Their Wedding Was Ruined Because Of Bridesmaid

"This is about abysmally self-centered behavior from both bride and groom.

I work with a man who got married a few years ago. He and his wife-to-be spent a year planning their lavish wedding. A few months into the engagement, they found out that the bride’s cousin, a bridesmaid, was going to start IVF (in-vitro fertilization) to hopefully become pregnant. She and her husband had long struggled with infertility, and could finally afford to begin IVF.

The engaged couple was furious with the cousin for not waiting to start her family because they didn't want her to be hugely pregnant or risk going into labor on their big day. They actually thought this couple should postpone starting a family because a bridesmaid who was ready to pop might detract some attention from the all-important bride.

What ended up happening? The cousin made it to the wedding and ended up going into labor the next day. No problem, right? Wrong. As my coworker was telling me this story, years later, he was still bitter about it, telling me how selfish they had been to not wait, and how much the nine-month pregnant woman at the wedding and the excitement of the birth the next day had taken away from their 'special day.'

I find the egotism inherent in weddings today to be pretty distasteful, but their behavior was to a new level."

Liar, Liar, Wedding Dress On Fire Part One
Liar, Liar, Wedding Dress On Fire Part One

"I had made a deal with my best friend to make invitations for her wedding from scratch. They were very unusual ones, with hand-made jewelry on each of them, there were about 30 pieces that went into them. Plus handwritten addresses, of course with decorative cursive writing. I offered and ordered a lot of stuff from decorations to dresses (after the consultations and approvals, of course) from fine shops with discounts because of my memberships. Even her main wedding dress and the other ones for later in the day/evening dresses for the kids. I offered my help with the wedding hampers; to make exclusive chocolates with their unique wedding theme for each, lollipops and other candy choices, by myself. The same for exclusive photos for the wedding newspaper and the design for it as well. I also helped with a few other things, such as wigs. I would style it for her as well plus offered much more help, but she denied my offers with that. She had a few other friends to help her. And she wanted me to enjoy it, not just work for her wedding.

I was like, 'Thank you so much that you are thinking about me in such a thoughtful way.'

I did have a lot on my plate as well. With my gravely ill grandmother, my parents needed help with her often. With many things at work, constantly working overtime and solving some other family problems, plus helping my father with the promotional materials for his band. I had helped as much as I could, informed her about everything to only be accused by one of her friends later that I was doing nothing to help. I also heard that the bride (my best friend) was having a nervous breakdown.

Which, didn't make sense because she didn't work and had time to play dungeons and dragons and go out with friends. So I asked my best friend directly, but she denied everything, telling me again that she wanted the invitations from me, that I got it right, and that was it.

I found out later that only ten minutes after that call, she (the bride-to-be) talked to this other friend who accused me. Both of them bragged about me being trash and everything I was doing for her as well was trashy. While she told me that the invitations and everything were terrific. So I asked my best friend again and she finally cracked, but not with an apology.

She was attacking me that it was true, that I was making nothing, only excuses about my work. I was not complaining about my work being the reason whatsoever. I was answering her when she was asking how were things going in my personal life.

And to make things better, she told me, I should start doing something for once. The fact that I was helping her at my work and working on the invitations right after I got home late from work. I had done almost nothing for myself or my husband for the last two months in a row, just doing things for her wedding day. And it was nothing (her words). She told me that I was not initiative enough; she didn't want to remind me all the time - beg me to pardon?

I was the one who informed her about everything from start to finish. So there was no such thing as she had to remind me of things. That was the reason why I was doing it because I did know it was her special day, so it was essential. Was I not initiative and proactive? What about the unique chocolates or lollipops? What about her exclusive invitations theme and wedding theme pulled together? What about the newspaper's design, photos for it, and offering to help with many other things? Not once, but for a few times. She even refused strictly any more help from me, with her saying, 'You are doing enough. I´m thankful.'

Which showed up to be another lie. I didn't know anymore. So I decided to confront her again."

Liar, Liar, Wedding Dress On Fire Part Two
Liar, Liar, Wedding Dress On Fire Part Two

"When I asked her why she didn´t tell me that she needed help with this and that earlier.

She told me, 'I did know that you've had a lot of other things going around. So I didn´t want to ask for more of your time.'

Like what? I did not know if it was the nerves working on her or what, but I was seriously reconsidering our relationship. I was so eager for that wedding until I found out about her false accusations behind my back and lying to me twice. A friend of hers apologized to me when she found out about things and later so did my best friend. But I´m still not able to trust her after that. The apology came a bit late in my perspective, after loads of accusations and 'it's your fault, you're not doing enough and you're doing nothing' excuses.

Plus, her argument that the friend who accused me (of not doing anything) has a mental disorder. I did not blame this friend for the accusations; she acted by the false information shared by my best friend. And the girl apologized as quickly as she found out the truth.

So my best friend basically shared these false accusations on to the other ones and other things about myself; that I was lazy and not helping her at all. The irony was that everybody who saw me working on all that stuff thought I was crazy for doing it all and that my best friend was treating me like a workhorse than her best friend. My husband included; I was not giving him a lot of attention during that time, which was pretty unfair towards him. Considering he is just amazing, caring, and supportive. I also left him behind for a few months before the wedding prep. Also because of my best friend. She was going through a miscarriage (around the third week of pregnancy) and I wanted to be there for her as much as she needed and wanted.

So I never saw any harm in helping her with her wedding. As I said, I was eager for everything about that wedding. I did everything much time ahead. They had sent the invitations three months before the actual wedding. The decorations, dresses, and flowers were all set to go.

And to be honest, everything looked polished and beautiful. Not trashy at all. And I was the useless one, for real? I did feel like all that work was almost for nothing, thanks to her words. The joy was gone. I had decided to finish everything I promised for the wedding. After that, I left.

I had done my own wedding management a few years back, not a single argument or fight. And, not a single offer to help from my best friend's side. I did not need one. This was not an accusation towards her, just stating that she was judging me as lazy about her wedding while she was not proactive towards me years back. She got there and helped with nothing. I had secured a makeup artist for her. She then signed a paper, got food, got a nice place to sleep, and that was it.

She expected me to arrange the whole hen party for her and, with words, it was my obligation towards the bride/her. I do not remember her even trying or offering to do such a thing for me. Again, I did not mind that she did not do any of the above. The comparison is about a very different story and my realization about her double standards.

There were many fights between her bridesmaids and other people. A few of the friends and family declined the wedding invitation or canceled it already. The mood was agitated and not good at all.

Since then, I've been angry a bit, but mostly hurt and sad. Especially that I would be losing my best friend for almost 12 years because of that."

Bridesmaids Had Left The Chat
Bridesmaids Had Left The Chat

"We were friends in high school, and she is two to three years older than I am. Since then, we had kinda drifted apart. It had been almost 14 months since she announced her engagement on social media and we finally had a date for Fall 2020. At first, she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I could tell she had too many maids just by looking at the group chat. Then over the summer, I suddenly got a message from her asking me to be an usher. It was right after I started asking questions on trying to get an idea of what she wanted our dresses to look like. I wasn't the first.

So to her usher question, I asked her what the responsibilities would be, as I wasn't sure if I would agree or just gracefully bow out entirely. She took this to mean that I was agreeing to be an usher.

Months later, I got a surprise; she removed me from the group completely. Then messaged me again saying she would still invite me to the wedding and to please don't be mad. She would message me again if something changed. Fine, whatever.

Within an hour, she added me back to the group chat. I went back through things to catch up on what I might have missed. I saw that a few others had also been removed, but I was the only one to return. Then things started getting messy with someone else throwing a hissy fit over being an usher.

My friend/ the bride, who I was beginning to think might be wasted was like, 'Too bad, it's my wedding.'

Then the bridesmaid wannabe left and was officially removed. This made me think that the bride was trying to stir the pot with me because she wanted to fight with someone. At that point, I didn't know what to do. I was sick of her carrot-dangling stuff. I wanted out, but I also didn't want to burn a bridge over a wedding that due to other circumstances may not ever even happen, let alone next year."

Wish Order: Wedding Edition
Wish Order: Wedding Edition

"My sister's friend was engaged to be married. She wanted a lavish wedding, but at super cheap costs. She bought her bridesmaid's dresses from Wish, which were tacky, badly made, and badly fitted. One of her bridesmaids was a little too big for her dress (they weren't tailored for their bodies, they had generic cut dresses that cost 15 pounds each), so she was forced to diet until she fit into it. Surprisingly she did, but only just in time.

She had not one, but two bachelorette parties (both of which were paid for entirely by her bridesmaids), and then whinged when my sister (who had just finished a 16-hour shift at work) turned up late to one of them.

She insisted that my sister dye her hair brown (her hair was freshly bleached blonde with pink hair dye) so she wouldn't upstage her. My sister absolutely refused and was removed as a bridesmaid from the wedding and as her friend of many years. My sister had no regrets.

I was doing the bridal and bridesmaids' makeup, and she insisted that her bridesmaids were not, in any way, to have better makeup than her. She also told her bridesmaids to their faces that they were in no way allowed to look more beautiful than her too, and they were totally okay with this?

We planned on her exact foundation shade, and because I'm not a successful makeup artist with an abundance of money or products, I went out and bought a very specific, full-price foundation just for her special day (about 35 pounds), only to discover the morning of the wedding that she'd used fake tan the day before because she was ‘too pale.' Mind you, it was a winter wedding. So I had to improvise with what I had.

I went literally hundreds of miles out of my way for this selfish, entitled girl so that she could look beautiful for the lowest price possible. We did multiple makeup trials (each trial meant me driving over 100 miles in total), eyelash extensions, etc. I work 50 to 60 hours per week just to afford the roof over my head, so this was stressful and expensive for me.

She then started talking smack about me to her hairdresser when she thought I was out of earshot. After she the gossip sesh, she came to me to have her makeup done. I made her look pretty decent, but after all that stress and her entitled attitude, I put so much makeup on her. She'd have to remove it with a towel afterward. Then I packed up my stuff and left.

A proper makeup artist would have charged her around 500–800 pounds for this. I received less than 150 pounds. It would have been less, but her bridesmaids chipped in. I decided, after that day, that being a bridal makeup artist is not what I want to do in life."