It's one thing to overstay you're welcome but to be rude and ungrateful on top of that? Cringe. If you're ever a guest in one's home don't do what these folks did. These people shame the rudest guests they've ever had in their home.

This Is Beyond Embarrassing
This Is Beyond Embarrassing

"My younger brother went out clubbing a few years ago with a friend on a Saturday night. The friend was going to crash on the downstairs sofa when they got back.

They came back around 2 am, obviously very plastered. That kind of wasted where you try and be quiet but fail miserably. This obviously woke me but I figure, hey it's a Saturday night, they've obviously had a good time, whatever.

Then I heard multiple people come up the stairs. And then heard a female voice.

Okay, so brother had brought home a girl. Not cool - my parents have always had the rule that you need permission to bring someone home. My mother's phone is always by her and she would rather you text at a ridiculous time and ask permission than just bring them over. Shake my head at my brother's silliness but maybe he can sneak her out tomorrow and get away with it.

I heard the bed start to creak. And then the LOUD female moaning joined in. I'm talking fake adult film levels of moaning. I was mixed between being ticked that my sleep has been interrupted/the disrespect she's giving the rest of the people in the house, and the humour of how badly my brother was going to be murdered. They SOMEHOW managed to get through the act without my parents coming to his door.

Then I heard his door open. I assume one of them is going to the bathroom. I hear another door open. Again, I assume this was the bathroom door.

A pause. And then an 'Oh sorry....' in a female voice before running footsteps to my brother's room.

This girl had tried to go to the bathroom, entered MY PARENTS' BEDROOM by mistake and TURNED. THE LIGHT. ON.

Mother was beyond angry. She and my dad had heard the banging but had decided they would deal with my brother and the girl in the morning. But oh no, mother was going for blood now. So she barged her way down the hallway and into my brother's bedroom to start tearing him a new one.

Remember how I said earlier that my brother had gone out with a friend, who was meant to be crashing downstairs on the sofa? He was in the bed too. Younger brother had his first threesome with one of his best guy friends and a random girl from a club, and got caught.

As the screaming match starts between my mother and brother, I have slipped out of my room to use the bathroom. When I exit to go back to bed, mother is just leaving brother's bedroom. Sees my outline exit the bathroom and starts screaming at me, telling me and the two guests to get the heck out of her house.

Me: 'Mum, it's me.' (turns hall light on)

Mother: 'Oh sorry, I thought you were another floozy.'

She kicked the friend out, banned him from the house, and then called a taxi to get the wasted girl home. She's still a good human being.

My parents have never let my brother forget it. But he wasn't allowed to bring home a girl, even if he asked permission, for over a year."

The Last Party They Ever Hosted
The Last Party They Ever Hosted

"We had our first big Halloween party at our new place. Had all the food and drinks for everyone and invited a handful of friends. My one friend asked to invite her new-ish boyfriend to the house. She brought him a six-pack and when he showed up, he had another six-pack himself. He spent most of the evening staring daggers at another guest (who happened to be playing with his girlfriends daughter) and drinking all the bottles they had brought for him.

Once that was gone, he started rummaging through our fridge. The Bud was in the cooler, had to ask him to leave our fridge and maybe have a water, after his 12 pack in like, three hours. Incredible. We all sat down to play an 'adult game' after the kids went to bed and he got up in the middle of it and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. When he got out, he went out to his car and came back in wearing a different shirt with noticeable vomit spots on it. We asked him if he got sick and he said no.

'Okay, sure buddy,' I thought.

I went to go to the bathroom a few minutes later and noticed all down the hallway there was vomit leading to the bathroom. In the bathroom, there was vomit everywhere. Floor, wall, outside of the toilet... I yelled 'What the heck!?' so my husband came to see what was up. We spent a good amount of time away from our party cleaning up another adult's vomit. Just disgusting.

Once that was done, we confronted him. Thankfully a couple of our good friends are bigger guys and tried to help diffuse the situation because the guy got instantly offended and belligerent. Just refused to admit it was him. He even tried to pin it on the kids.

'One of them must have gotten sick!' he yelled.

He ended up threatening my husband and friends and we ended up calling the cops on him just because I was sure he was about to get violent with the guys or my female friend. He was very scary, especially for someone we had just met!

Thankfully, they took him to jail to sober up and most of us at the party never saw him again.

And that was the last Halloween party we ever hosted."

This Guest Gave Her PTSD
This Guest Gave Her PTSD

"My mum often has Air BnB guests stay in our spare room, 90% of the time they’re staying for a work-related purpose.

A couple of years ago, we had a nurse staying with us for five nights. She was the ideal guest, worked long hours, and just slept when she was back, we hardly saw or heard her. However, her presence did become known to us at the end of her stay.

On the final morning of the nurse's stay, my mum went to use the bathroom and saw a huge puddle of pee next to the toilet. She was utterly confused why it was next to the toilet and not IN the toilet but didn’t want to just leave it there, so she went downstairs to get some cleaning products. Whilst she was in the kitchen she heard the nurse leave her room, scamper to the bathroom and shuffle around a bit, then return to her room. My mum went back upstairs and the pee was gone. Vanished. It was clear the nurse had cleaned it up but it was just odd behavior. Did she intentionally miss the toilet? Who knows.

A few hours later, the nurse had left and my mum went to clean the room. In the middle of the bed, she had left all the sheets in a big bundle, on top was a note saying thanks for the stay. Usually, the guests don’t strip the bed so my mum was surprised but thought the note was cute, maybe a slight apology for the urine. She picked up the sheets to take to be washed and gave them a shake to separate them up. A massive turd just rolls out onto the floor. This woman had done a turd and wrapped it up in the sheets, like a present. Even left a note on top. And now there was just a huge turd lying on the guest room rug.

My mum took the room off Air BnB for a long time. I think it gave her PTSD. Post Traumatic S* Disorder."

Ever Backhand Somebody Over A Microwaved Cheeseburger?
Ever Backhand Somebody Over A Microwaved Cheeseburger?

"I was living with my parents, and they regularly left the country every year for about a month. My friends and I all looked forward to this time because I would have them over, move my drum set to the living room, and we'd get plastered and hang out for days on end. However, I was really selective about who could come over, and usually, it was only my close friends who I knew I could trust, and occasionally I'd let a friend of a friend come over. I also had a few basic rules: cans and bottles go in the trash can, no smoking inside, and if you make a mess - clean it up. So I'm having one of these get-togethers. My cousin asked if he could bring his friend over, and I said yes despite not knowing the guy.

It gets late into the evening and we've all been drinking. Cousin's friend asks if I had anything to eat, and I told him to go check the refrigerator for something. He asks if he can have a microwavable cheeseburger - sure, knock yourself out. About an hour later, I go to nuke something in the microwave and there's friggin' cheese cooked onto the microwave glass. I go back to where everyone was and asked who cooked cheese on the microwave and didn't clean it up. Cousin's friend goes, oh it was me. I'm like, no worries just go clean it up. Looks me in the eye, straight face, and goes, 'Nah.'

I'm like, 'No dude, you made the mess, go clean it,' to which he responds, 'I'm not cleaning the microwave.'

My inebriated brain took this as a profound disrespect, and although I'm not proud of it, something came over me and I backhanded the heck out of that little punk. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the opposite of a hothead, never violent, so naturally, the whole room goes super quiet. But something just snapped in me that pushed me over the edge that night. Something about that level of disrespect I tell you.

In my head, I just thought here's this new guy, and I've been nothing but nice, had him over, gave him drinks and food and he has the nerve to refuse to clean his own mess?! Despite that, I instantly felt super bad and apologized to him. He DID clean the microwave though. And now whenever he's brought up, my friends remind me of that time I 'b-slapped' him."

He Missed His Father's Last Moments For This?!
He Missed His Father's Last Moments For This?!

"I lived in a rural area that was kind of sketchy at times. One day some lady I never meant in my life knocked on my door completely wasted and with a small kid. She asked if her kid could play in my yard...I hadn't planned on this obviously. I thought it was weird as heck that she was inebriated in the middle of the day but I was so bewildered I just said yes for some reason. But honestly, though I didn't mind the kid playing in the yard. He was just a kid after all, what could happen?

Well, it happened to be some of the worst timing in my life. While I sat there trying to make an awkward conversation with the strange lady, I get an alarming call from my mom. I couldn't believe it but my father had been rushed to the hospital and they don't think he is going to make it. I felt something rush through me. This was urgent. I just had a bad feeling about the call.

I told this lady she needed to leave immediately and that I had an emergency. She nodded but then asked if she could use the bathroom. Once again, I'm pretty frazzled out so I said yes, even though she literally lived right down the street. Then this weirdo got the sudden urge to start a conversation as I'm trying to get out the door.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said, 'My dad is dying I have to leave NOW.'

The lady nodded again and then proceeded to lay a 25-minute turd in my bathroom. By then I was absolutely livid.

I gathered up my things for the three-hour drive to see my dad in the hospital. I walked outside and she is still here for god knows why. She insisted on sitting outside my porch and walked up to me started talking to me through the car window like a maniac.

I said forget this freak and drive away as she walked up to me and almost take her face off with my mirror.

I never saw my dad alive again. I saw that lousy woman two weeks later, and she asked me if she could hang out again...I slammed the door in her face."

They Wanted To Burn Down Their House When They Returned
They Wanted To Burn Down Their House When They Returned

"My wife and I were staying at her parents' house last summer and had some friends come to visit us. We hadn’t intended to be gone as long as we were and my car was parked on the street. I asked if they could move it when they went back down so it wouldn’t get ticketed. They asked us if they should dump out our milk and throw away our eggs too since we’d be gone for a while. My wife and I both thought wow that’s so nice of them.

Fast forward two months when we head back to our apartment. Walking in after an eight-hour drive at 1 am we are hit with a thick, overwhelming foul smell. Literally the worst smell I’ve ever encountered. I looked in the kitchen and saw they tossed the eggs in the trash and didn’t take our trash out just letting the eggs rot faster and more in the apartment. Also, they didn’t rinse the sink when they poured out the milk so we were making cottage cheese in the sink pipes.

I thought wow this could be the source but the smell is way worse than what this should be. My wife went to the bathroom as one does after a long road trip to see that our friends had used the toilet while they were here 'helping' two months ago clogged the toilet and left it. That turd sat in our apartment with the A/C off in the middle of summer for two months just stinking up the place. We were very tempted to just burn the place and move."

Everything's A Competition With This Guy
Everything's A Competition With This Guy

"This guy, my friend's boyfriend who we had over, was so stupidly competitive about EVERYTHING,

He asked if he could have a play of some of my father's guitars which hang on the wall, I agreed as long as he was careful. No big deal. He had a strum while we were in the kitchen, and came back into the kitchen saying 'Oh I thought they would be good guitars since your dad can play.'

Okay, dude?

He had heard I liked a drink and so he brought a large bottle of Jack Daniels and challenged me to some competitive drinking of jack and coke and shots. Now I must explain that I've been a heavy drinker for years and KNEW there was no way he could beat me, but he tried and that's where he started coming undone.

After some drinks and hanging out we decided to have a smoke, this guy didn't smoke weed but claimed he knew all about it, before telling me about how low quality all my stuff was and that it was probably sprayed with chemicals and he wouldn't want any anyway. Oh yeah, plus he said my pipe sucked.

So now that we were starting to get a little tipsy he really started getting on my nerves. This moron suddenly challenged me to a push-ups contest and an arm wrestle. Fair play to him he was strong but I couldn't bear to lose so I gave it my all, strained my muscles, and slammed his hand down into the kitchen table. This really set him off. Here's where things started to get a little personal and out of hand.

We were both really wasted so then we decided to order takeout to my house, which he also somehow managed to make into a competition. Suddenly he was trying to see who could eat the most kebabs that he drowned in the hottest sauce I had. This moron came into my home, insulted my house, the décor, my possessions, my musical taste, AND now my friend (his own girlfriend!)

What the heck?

Luckily he reached his limit pretty soon and passed out on the floor so we left him there. Wasted fool.

My friend (who I'm like a big brother to) had another smoke while she told me she was going to break up with him, I carried him into the taxi, and I never saw him again. she broke up with him the next day.

Good riddance."

Don't Mess With This Mama
Don't Mess With This Mama

"I was like eight months pregnant, and one evening a good friend of my husband's asked to come in for a drink. He had a girl with him, they were not in a relationship, but I think that was where they were headed.

I was in the living room, resting, and hubby was in the kitchen drinking with these two. I hear music playing, it was some Latino song, and my hubby texts me to come and 'Save him.'

'Okay?' I thought, from the sound of it it seemed like they were all having fun in the other room.

So I walked over to the kitchen but couldn't believe what I saw. I mean, these folks hadn't been drinking for long how rowdy could they be?

Lo and behold I walk into the kitchen and this girl was MY MAN a lap dance!

I kid you not, she was giving MY husband a lap dance, in MY house, in front of HER almost-boyfriend, fully aware that I was in the other room completely pregnant.

I am not really proud of what happened next, but something snapped in me at that moment. Call me territorial, but I yanked that floozy down by the hair. As she struggled to get up from the floor, I threw her shoes, screamed for her to put them on, and demanded she got the heck out of my house ASAP.

My husband's idiot friend tried to excuse her behavior for some reason by saying she was a bit tipsy, so I proceeded to kick him out too. Sometimes you just got to take out the trash."

Just A Pair Of Buzzkills
Just A Pair Of Buzzkills

"I host an annual New Years Eve murder mystery party for my friends. It's a great time, we have a full meal, get dressed up to suit the theme, and super into character. One of the more annoying parts is pinning down exactly how many people we have so we can find a suitable murder mystery. It's not the most fun if you don't have a role, and it's also not fun if someone doesn't show.

My wife invited a work colleague and her husband. They seemed excited and said yes. A few days before NYE they asked if they can bring another couple, we switch the theme and murder mystery a bit to accommodate the extra bodies.

These four show up, in grungy jeans, t-shirts, just completely throwing off the whole theme. One at least had a golf shirt. So we have eight of us decked out in suits and 1920s flapper-themed dresses and gowns to match the 'murder at the speakeasy' theme and some dudes who just picked up some clothes off the floor.

'Okay, maybe they didn't quite get the dress-up part of the invitation. Not too big of a deal,' I think to myself. We try to get them settled, we had double-sided name tags for your name and character name, as well as some spare accessories and an envelope with some game-related facts, secrets, character motivations, etc. They didn't seem enthused by this and started complaining it felt like a forced dungeons and dragons session. I gave them a quick tour of the house, washrooms, bar, etc, while my wife's coworker points out all of the things she doesn't like: 1) our fireplace in the living room is apparently too gaudy, we should get a smaller mantel for it. 2) our maple kitchen cabinets are offensive, we should have painted them, 3) you get the theme. She's been here for five minutes, doesn't like the party or m1y house. Great, just great.

The plus one couple glared at each other and took a break making snide remarks to ask if it's okay if they open a window and smoke beside it. I disliked the smell of secondhand smoke, and I'm not about to make eight people whom I actually like for some losers who I just met. Also, it's -40 Celcius outside (or real fricking cold in freedom units). They didn't like me telling them the front porch is out of the wind, but were constantly in and out of the house smoking and arguing. Every attempt to get to know someone and figure out if they murdered someone is interrupted with their bickering and smoke breaks.

So throughout the night, these four were just the biggest buzzkills one could imagine. Complaining about everything, not really wanting to engage in the murder mystery part, and I gave them some of the better roles, hoping it'd be a good icebreaker and make them feel included. Nope, it just made my friends sad to have to keep interacting with these folks.

At the end of the night, we always take a group photo. They didn't want to be included. They also didn't want to take the picture, but felt like they needed to critique our camera angles for some reason.

The thing that bothered me the most, I didn't even discover until the snow melted several months later.

But we didn't even realize the worst part about the couple until months later. Several months after the snow melted we discovered dozens of scattered cig butts in our front garden and planters. How rude! Just no class!

Somehow these pricks managed to ruin our night, trash our garden and insult our home. Truly the death of the party."

No Wonder Nobody Likes This Guy
No Wonder Nobody Likes This Guy

"Guy in my friend group no one really liked insisted on us hanging out. I thought sure, maybe everyone's too hard on him. He turned up two hours late and immediately lit a cig up after I let him in. I stopped him right there and told him he can't smoke in my house. He just looked at me blankly and said 'Don't you have a back garden?' Bear in mind I had just moved in and didn't want to make a bad impression on my neighbors, but I let him in the back garden anyway.

He didn't leave until 1am, but he sat on my sofa saying nothing except to say he was going out for another cig. I tried making conversation but he didnt even reply. He rolled up cig on my sofa the whole time and made a mess. It was the most awkward few hours of my life. I tried dropping hints I was done with hanging out and going to bed, but he still wouldnt leave.

I couldn't get the smell of smoke out of my house for a week and couldn't figure out why. When I moved the sofa to hoover underneath it I realised this guy had left several butts under my sofa. So when he went out to smoke and came back in he must have just left the butts there.

I haven't invited him back to my house again."

"Chocolate Turns Her On."
"Chocolate Turns Her On."

"Ex-friend of my sister was insane and rather obese. Once at a party, she refused to talk to anyone and decided to just walk into the kitchen and proceeded to take out the undercooked chicken my sister had put in the oven. Without saying a word to anyone in the kitchen she just waltzed in and went straight to the oven. My sister told her to put it back because the bird was still pink in the middle, but she really just grunted 'Look done,' and decided to eat the chicken with her fingers.

Another time I will never forgive her for was the time I stayed at my bf’s and my sister had the friend over for a sleepover. My sister offered her bed but 'it was too stinky.' My sister offered her sofa instead which was the only spare place available. The friend lied to my sister saying she was gonna use the sofa but that didn’t happen. Nope, instead, she slept in my bed without my or my sister's permission. That girl sweats a lot and she genuinely broke my mattress springs like a pig. I found out via Snapchat she had posted a story from my bed and then made fun of my room.

Another time at another party she brought her obese Tinder date, their heads both fell into my sister's lap while tongue kissing in front of everyone which was super awkward. The pig broke her bed frame that day by belly-flopping onto it. That Tinder date also spent the entire evening insulting my sister under his breath whilst he also refused to talk to anyone.

The fat friend also said my dog was filthy and that she was scared of germs but she’s never washed her smelly dog. On top of this, she thought she was better than everyone else because she thought she could communicate with ghosts. Her mum was a medium, she phoned my sister up at like 3 am saying she was scared her house was haunted and that her mum was doing a sage cleanse because 'She smelt a bad smell.'

One of the grossest things she did though was midsummer she came into our house without saying hello, went upstairs to my sister's room, squatted in front of her fan to aired out her sweaty crotch.

Other honorable mentions would be at a Xmas party my sister made chocolate truffles, she ate most of them whilst telling everyone chocolate turns her on. Narcissistic and delusional person, glad she’s not in our lives anymore."