“BEHOLD...the onion dress.” one tweet reads about the latest trend fashion has to offer.

What has this world come to?

Award-winning designer Elissa Poppy is the mastermind behind this “Lacetex slip”, and it is currently selling on retailer ASOS’ website for a marked-down price of $331.50. Perhaps they thought that paying $553 for a piece of latex lingerie was a bit of a stretch?

But the ridiculous price tag and odd material aren’t the only things catching people’s attention.

Ever seen those bags of onions in the produce section of the grocery store? Well, the New York Post pointed out that this dress looks hilariously similar to the bag’s red mesh material, making this whole creation even more comical.

Unlike onions, though, this dress only has one, see-through layer that the ASOS model wears over white underwear or a long shirt. But it still might make you want to cry.

Match the look! A 2lb bag of sweet onions at Walmart only costs $3.24. You’ll not only be looking sweet, but you’ll be well-stocked on these flavorful bulbs for a while.

What do you think? Would you wear a latex onion dress, or is this a fashion fail?

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