A single dollar bill has lost some of its meaning in our changing world. Back in the day, a dollar seemed to be worth a lot more, but people should never lose hope on that single dollar bill. The dollar bill has the power to bond people, to create relationships, and sometimes even buy you something off the dollar menu at McDonald's.

For one guy, a dollar is worth so much more. Jason, also known as JFreak7, shared his story on a Reddit prompt "What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?" where he explained how a dollar bought him so much more than he ever expected. For Jason, a dollar bought a future. All because of a single dollar bill, Jason has been blessed with a wife and three children.

The story on how this all happened is truly heartwarming. Who knew a dollar could get you so much?

According to Jason's post on Reddit, in junior high, he happened to like this girl who he would continuously flirt with. One day, the two stopped at a gas station. While at the gas station, Jason's crush bought him a pack of gum. To be a gentleman, he was determined to pay her back the one dollar. In his post, Jason stated, "I slipped the $1 in her pocket. She then slipped the dollar in my backpack and so began the back and forth with the $1 bill. We found silly ways to give it back and forth. I mailed it to her house. She stuffed it in a gum wrapper and offered me a piece."

Soon, Jason decided he would ask her out on this one dollar bill. With courage and fear Jason wrote, "Will you go out with me?" on the bill and slide it to her in a note. She of course agreed and that was just the beginning of this love story.

The date went well and the couple began dating and Jason never got rid of that dollar. Then four years down the line on their anniversary, Jason wrote "Will you marry me?" on the bottom of the bill. Fast forward and the happy couple has been married for 15 years and have had three beautiful children.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jason said, "I still remember handing off that 1 dollar bill after writing on it. I was dying inside from nerves. Every one of my friends said she would say yes. Every one of her friends said she would say yes. But, still, I was the most nervous I would be in my life until my son was being born. I still have the 1 dollar bill, but in reality, I cashed it in when I married my wife. To me, I couldn’t have invested it in any better way."

This story leaves all of us with a little hope and an important reminder. Never forget about the power of a one dollar bill.

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