In case you missed it, Olympic icon Simone Biles recently won five gold medals at the Gymnastics World Championship, located in Stuttgart, Germany. She has now broken a new world record for most medals won by any gymnast in World Championship history (as reported by The Mercury News). While countless fans were cheering on her victory on social media, perhaps her biggest fan was her boyfriend.

According to Buzzfeed, Biles' boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. caught Biles' stunning performance on TV and he was overwhelmed with positivity and excitement. Fortunately, someone was recording his pure and wholesome support and posted it to social media.

Ervin Jr. Was beyond happy for his girlfriend's immense success. His joy was so infectious, many people online shared their own enthusiasm for both him and Simone.

Biles' got in on the positive social media buzz as well. After his popular video made the rounds on Instagram and Twitter, he made this Instagram post, summarizing his warm feelings for Biles.

Fans and media outlets continue to celebrate Simone Biles' historic victory, as well as her and Stacey being the sweetest Olympic couple ever! Be on the lookout to see what Biles works towards next, there is no limit when it comes to her accomplishments!

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