Sometimes, the internet can be a shockingly wholesome place. That was recently demonstrated when people across the country sent their unconditional support for David Bloch, a 21-year-old man with severe autism. According to The New York Post, Bloch is non-verbal, and has an immunodeficiency disorder, both of which prevent him from venturing out of the house to be social. His first ever question was to his mother recently. One night, his mother Kerry was stunned when he directly asked her, "Would someone like me?"

When looking back on the event, Kerry said, “I was flabbergasted. That’s the first question he has ever said to me. I left the room because I had to cry. I didn’t want David to think I was upset.” 

After calming herself down, Kerry returned to tell David that there were absolutely thousands of people out there who would like him. Kerry took to Twitter to hopefully get some concrete proof. She posted a photo of her son, prompting people to hopefully respond positively. She never expected the response she encountered. Check out the now viral tweet below:

The love and support for David was overwhelming and beyond sweet. The single tweet got almost 75,000 likes and so many comments. It even gained the attention of local celebrities and David's favorite football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Check out these responses and bask in the heartwarming support.

Neither Kerry nor David ever expected such undying support from complete strangers. In an interview with Today, Kerry said, "I've read every singly reply and message to him. We've been up day and night for the last six days trying to answer every single message and tweet. [David] will be looking at a picture and say, 'Nice, 'Pretty', or 'Funny.'"

David has developed more confidence and positivity since that fateful day. Kerry said, "He came up to me last night before he went to bed and said, 'Trust people.'" 

David even responded with an equally heartwarming sense of gratitude. He hand-wrote a message to all of his new friends, which Kerry also posted on Twitter. Sometimes, the internet can truly be a magical, supportive place.

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