Whether it's an obsessive mother-in-law or scheming bridesmaids, it seems that drama is almost always bound to happen when planning a wedding. But sometimes, it's the bride that causes all the chaos. One Redditor outed this insane bride who banned all non-vegans from her wedding. And yes, that includes family and the bridal party.

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In response to the original post, another Redditor chimed with even more receipts that revealed this bride's truly ridiculous behavior.

According to some screenshots, the bride claimed that her family has "consistently attacked [her] and [her partner] for being vegan" and that she doesn't want "the weight of having people that still kill animals at her wedding on her conscience."

However, one of her (former) bridesmaids had something very different to say. The bridesmaid, who is also a family member, said that she is making all of the non-vegans out to be big, fat liars. "Literally none of her family have bullied her for being vegan. It's all in her delusional head," she said. "All because we refuse to make the vegan lifelong commitment."

You'd think that just serving vegan food and requiring vegan-only products would be a simple fix so everyone could enjoy the special occasion, right? Well, not exactly. In a comment, the bride explicitly stated:

“This is about my wedding. My partner and I won’t feel comfortable having omnivores there as we know they will just go back to eating meat the same day if not the next day, and with how many people on my side of the family are anti-vegan, it’s going to be a lot less of a worry for me especially because I won’t have to fret about keeping my family in line around my vegan friends. If they’re willing to attack me for it as family, imagine what they will do to complete strangers.”

Seems pretty harsh to shut out your entire family just because of their dietary choices. Especially since, according to the bridesmaid, most of the family has been "100% supportive" of her lifestyle.

Image Courtesy of Reddit

As if her wedding plans weren't already cringey enough, the bride even had the audacity to compare anti-vegans to racists. She said:

"Think of it like inviting a racist family to a wedding to a black person or a Muslim or whatever else. It would be extremely uncomfortable and mentally scarring for the people getting married with the knowledge that when that person goes home, it’s going to be a barrage of insults again. These people attack me for being vegan and I don’t want them at my wedding because as soon as it's over, it will start again. I’m not going to be pandering to my so called ‘family’ just because I’m getting married. I would rather spend my day with people I can feel comfortable with and know won’t attack me for being vegan as they will be vegan as well."

Yikes! Now, I can't help but wonder what her fiancé's take on all of this is.

What would you do if you knew someone like this? Let us know in the comments!

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